Short Bunyip Gentle Maledom

    I returned home after a tiring day of work, “I’m home,” I called into the silent house. I took my shoes off and hung my coat up on its hook. I turned back towards the main living room. I didn’t have a couch, instead I had something akin to a huge bean bag chair and a leather recliner in front of a small TV. My bunyip wife of four months now was peeking at me from around the corner, poking her head out of the second bedroom of the apartment that we both kept our computers in, with a tiny smile on her face. I gave her a small wave, “Hey.” 
    She waved back and quietly squeaked, “Hi,” She kept staring at me as I slowly put away my bag and shoes in the small closet by the front door, “Was... Was work fine?” 
    I shrugged as I picked up the groceries again, “I’ve had worse days. Its always nice to come home to you, at least. I got the groceries too.” 
    She smiles softly, “Did you get the Victoria Bitter?” She asked quietly as she revealed her full form. Her skin was a dark brown and the fluffy fur that covered most of her body, human or snake, was a nice cream color. She wore only a grey bra and panties, same as every day. Her eyes had black sclera and yellow glowing pupils.  
    I sighed, “Y-you know money is tight,” I frowned at her, “I could only get us the essentials until we recover.” 
    She looked sad as she slithered over to me, “That landlord raised our price again?” 
    “Yeah, and the boss is claiming our wages have to get cut again to keep the business afloat. Those fuckers on the top keep getting paid more and more,” I hissed, “This is what I get for working for humans in this day and age,” I lived in a mostly human town. I met my wife abroad in Australia. 
    Without a word, my wife, Hannah wrapped her arms around my neck and coiled her entire snake body around the two of us, “I’m sorry.” 
    Her fur was as fluffy, soft and warm as it always was. She squeezed a relaxed sigh from my lungs. She was pretty big, 600 some pounds of lovely snake woman. I tried to hug her back, but she kept my arms at my sides, “Have you had any luck with a job?” 
    Hannah shuddered, always afraid I would ask that question. She slowly uncurled her tail around me, “N-no.” 
    “Did you look today?” 
    “Y-yes I did,” Her gaze does not meet mine. 
    I looked at her with weary eyes and wriggled out of her tail’s grasp. I walked into the computer room with her nervously following behind me. Just as I had feared, she had more than twenty tabs open on multiple mamano image boards. Each one she had garnered numerous replies with her shit posting. I was just glad she wasn’t using pictures of me any more to get insanely lonely girls to post their naked chests. I checked her history too, just to be sure. My heart dropped as I saw that she had done nothing but shit post and crash threads since I had left this morning. I turned to her, “Hannah,” I said her name firmly before an exhausted sigh escaped my lips. 
    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad at me,” Her lower lip quivered as tears formed in her eyes.  
    I shook my head, “I’m just disappointed that you’d lie to me,” I trudged out of the office and into our bedroom. I closed the door behind me, locking Hannah out. I could hear her whining and mewling on the other side of the door as I got changed into something comfortable before flopping onto the bed. It was a queen sized and a twin sized mattress both right next to each other on the ground with blankets and pillows strewn about.  
    I couldn’t even sleep. It was eleven and I could only think of Hannah. I knew she was out there in the living room sniffling and sobbing. She hated sleeping alone, but I needed a way to get the message to her. I couldn’t keep supporting both of us like this. I couldn’t find a new job, and she refused to find one. I knew she was so shy and skittish, it was really hard for her. But this was the fourth time I made her sleep on the couch and nothing had changed. I groaned and rolled over, missing her fluff and sweet smell. I needed to figure out some other way to punish her. I thought about withholding her alcohol or internet, but that wouldn’t do much. She’d find another way to get the internet back and I couldn’t buy her booze anyways. I got up and unlocked the bedroom door. I could hear Hannah shifting from the living room, “Hannah?” I called as I walked out to her.  
    I found her cuddling up to a pillow on the couch. She looked up at me with a tear stained face and a frown, “Hm?” She made a quiet noise. 
    I plopped down onto the couch with her and wrapped an arm around her. She flinched and tried to pull away from me, “You don’t have to be afraid of me, I’ve never even raised my voice at you, have I?” 
    “N-no,” She hugged me back, “But I keep making you mad. I just can’t change, Anon. I love making people mad on the internet.” 
    “I’ll make you change,” I challenged as I put her on her back. She looked up at me helplessly as I grabbed her nearly nude body. She gasped as my fingers ran over her smooth stomach. I took off her bra slowly and touched her breasts. She whimpered and moaned as I played with her nipples. I removed her panties next and rubbed her down there, “I’ll just have to tease you until you beg and promise to change.” 
    “A-Anon, please,” She whimpered in my ear as her breathing became ragged. I could feel her getting incredibly wet as I touched and gently inserted my fingers into her. I put my other hand over her mouth to keep her from getting too loud. The claws on her fluffy hands dug into my skin as her hands firmly grabbed me. I could feel her heartbeat increasing and her muscles begin to shudder. She was already close to orgasm. She was completely soaking herself and drenching my hand. I pulled my finger out of her and grabbed both of her hands, “Anon!” She pleaded loudly. 
    “Shhh,” I kissed her big fluffy ears tenderly, “Hmm. I think I’m going back to bed. But you’re still sleeping on the couch...” 
    “ANON!” She pleaded again. She could easily over power me but refused to use her strength to pin me down. She cried out in pleasure as I nibbled on her ear, “Anon! Please!” She begged. 
    “You know what I want to hear you say,” I whispered right into her ears.  
    “I’ll change! I’ll change, I promise! Please, I’ll look for a job. L-less computer time and more time with you too!” She whimpered with tears in her beautiful, pleading eyes, “Just fuck me, please!” 
    I pinned her on her back again and slowly removed my pants. I kissed her on the cheek as I rubbed my member up against her. Her pussy quickly covered my erect manhood in her love juices. Without another word, I slid myself into her. She moaned loudly and wrapped herself around me involuntarily. I was still in complete control despite her grabbing and coiling. Slowly, I pushed myself all the way down. She moaned loudly, begging me to keep going as she began to drool. I slowly brought her to her first orgasm, teasing and slowing down as I felt her pussy convulse. Soon, she shuddered violently as I pressed my lips to hers. She panted heavily and tried to catch a bit of rest as she loosely uncurled from me. I wasn’t about to give her a break, this was still her punishment after all. I jammed myself back into her as she howled in pleasure again. I lovingly wrapped my arms around her neck as my hips slapped against hers with a lewd wet noise, “Anon,” She moans, “I’m-- I’m-- Please, give me your--” Her entire body quivered once more as her snake body squeezed the air and precious love seed out of me like a tube of toothpaste.  
    We both lay panting in the after sex sweat and warmth. With her immense strength, Hannah lifted me up and slithered to the bedroom. I was placed in the bed and my head was held between her wonderfully pillowy breasts as she kissed my scalp and ran her claws through my hair, “I’m sorry for being such a burden on you, Anon,” She whispered. 
    I sighed, “You’re not a burden, you’re my wife. Just please, I can’t keep up with our expenses. I know you’re afraid of going out. I wish I could support you on my own right now, but I can’t. Shitty dead end job, crappy landlord and bad husband.” 
    “Don’t talk like that. You’re not a bad husband,” This felt like the first time she actually knew what she wanted to say, “I can go without beer, Anon. Either sleep or fuck me more, cunt,” Hannah kissed me on the lips before coiling around me again. I nodded and went to sleep. 
    “I’m home,” I called as I entered my apartment. I set down my groceries and put my bag and coat away. 
    “Hi,” Hannah called from her hiding place with a sweet smile on her face, “How was work?” 
    “It was good!” I smiled, “Honestly, I expected to get cut when T. Nooki Enterprises absorbed us. But they like my work a lot so who knows, I might get a promotion. How about your work?” 
    “Just writing captions all day. Its mind numbing,” She sighs, “Oh, the landlord dropped by. She’s looking a lot better with her new fluffy tail.” 
    “F-Fluffy tail?”  
    “Mhm. She apologised profusely for raising the price before. They’re going down to something a bit more fair.” 
    “How did she...?” I trailed off as I wondered about the landlord. 
    “Oh, don’t worry about that. We all played a little part in it,” Hannah grinned, “Did you get me...” She looked at the groceries. 
    I sighed and handed her her beer, “Just what you wanted, right? Make them last, we can’t buy them all the time still. Even if we are doing better.” 
    “I know. C-can we... Y’know... Tonight?” Although most of her nervousness and skittishness around me had subsided, she still was nervous about asking for sex. Her days of springing it on me randomly were over.
     “Yeah,” I nodded, “As much as you want tonight.”

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