The Worm, The Soldier and The Cat

    His feet ached as he stomped past the overgrown mushrooms and strange looking multi colored trees. Time seemed to switch between moving incredibly quickly and moving dreadfully slowly depending on where he was. In what seemed like one hour he had seen the sun set and the sun rise. His camouflage uniform was getting tattered and dirty from all the walking. He only stopped to eat and rest, trying to set up makeshift camps like he had learned in boy scouts. He had run out of rations a while ago, now he could only eat the strange fruits he found on the trees. He had avoided the crimson heart shaped ones, he had a bad feeling about those. The fruit was delicious, but some made his head a little hazy.
     He was starting to forget how he had gotten here, into this strange purple forest. His squad had been advancing on the invaders, no one knew who they were, they only knew that the last thing anyone in his unit had heard, they were cropping up all over the world, all at once. Then things went dark. They were an airborne division but none of the planes or helicopters had been functioning. Thank god those guys who had been on test flights had managed to bail when everything stopped working at once. No radio and not even phones would work. Clipped wings and no communications with the outside world. All he had was his clothes and his rifle, which he didn’t even think would work if he had to turn it on someone. 
    He remembered marching with his squad when they got ambushed. Tall, lean and muscular girls with brown skin and weird arms and legs covered with spotted fur like a cheetah. They were merciless with their clubs, taking down man after man as everyone scrambled to retaliate. The man swore at himself for running, but what could he do against that physical might? He looked around, unsure if he had been at this tree before. It sure did look familiar, at least. Then again, all these trees looked the same. He groaned and sat down at the base of the tree, wondering what he should do.
    He heard a cackle in the air, a high pitched, mocking laughter that sounded close to him but echoed all around so he could not be sure. With a shaking posture, he shouldered his rifle, “Who-- Who's there?” He demanded.
    “Oh, just me,” The laughing, teasing voice replied.
    The man looked around, desperate looking for the source, “S-show yourself coward!”
    “Ohohoh!” The voice chuckled, “I’ve been watching you for some time young man! And I find you calling ME cowardly to be quite amusing,” She chuckled. The man looked up at the tree he stood under. First he only saw the grin, the smile of a madman with pearly white teeth. It was disembodied with no host around. It chuckled once more, then he saw the eyes, golden yellow eyes that peered at him through the dark of the tree branches. Then the pale skin and face of a woman. Then the rest of her, including her purple and black colored vibrant fur that covered her arms and legs, “One day and we already have someone lost? My, my,” Her black and purple tail flicked from side to side.
    “Fuck off lady! I’ve had enough of you cats!”
    “Oh, poor boy. Seeing as you’re not really my type, how about some directions?”
    “How about you tell me where I am before I lose my patience!” He demanded as he pointed his rifle towards her. He blinked and she was gone.
    “Tsk tsk, boy,” He heard behind him. He turned again, readying his rifle. He felt nothing in his hands. The rifle was gone. The purple cat lady had it. She spun it around like some kind of toy, “You’re gonna shoot your eye out!” She laughed as she threw it into the air. The black metal and polymer of the gun morphed shape until it burst open and a mass of colorful butterflies filled the air. The cat giggled as she danced amongst the flying bugs.
    “H-how?” The man stammered as he knelt down and picked up the now cloth like form of whatever was left of his rifle. He fell to his knees, giving up, “I just want to go home,” He whined.
    The cat stopped dancing and took pity on him, “Hey cheer up,” She hoisted the man to his feet, teleporting around him as she dusted off his clothes, “You haven’t been eaten by a monster yet! So there's still a chance of escape!”
    “Oh, yes!” The cat was lying through her teeth to the man, “Many make it out of Wonderland unscathed!”
    “W-Wonderland?” He asked, “That sounds familiar...”
    “No it isn’t. You’re mad,” The cat laughed, “Then again, so am I. So are the rest of us!” She laughed like she had just told the funniest joke in the world, “Come on. This way, boy. I’ll show you to your home.”
    With a sigh, he looked towards the sky. It was twilight. It always felt like it was twilight. A purple and orange sky to match the mostly purple foliage of this place. He just wanted to go home,  “Alright,” He nodded, a little bit of hope welling within his heart. He followed behind her as she started to strut playfully through the woods, pawing at low hanging branches as she hummed to herself, “Hey, lady,” The boy spoke up, “What the hell are you?”
    “Me? Well, I’m just your average, run of the mill purple cat!” She laughed, “I jest, boy. I am a cheshire cat, at your service,” She turned around, her frilly purple dress spinning as she did. She bowed to the man, “You could call me a... guide, of sorts. May I know your name?”
    “Andy,” He grunted in response.
    “More like, MADndy!” She laughed. Andy rubbed his face, “Come on! Its hilarious!” 
    “Stop ribbing me, cheshire, I’m freaking out, alright?”
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about! You still look like you’ve got all your ribs!” She kept laughing.
    Andy wondered what he had done to deserve this torment. He blinked and found himself in a different area. A babbling pink colored brook flowed by and the trees were much thinner, “Wow.”
    “One of my favorite places to visit,” The cheshire smiled, “Anyways, we’re almost there.”
    “Where are we going, lady?”
    “Don’t worry, Madndy,” She grinned as her tail flicked from side to side, “You’ll be home before you know it! Just one more thing and you’ll be home!”
    “Thank god. Maybe there is a god out there looking out for me.”
    “Well there's the Maou, and she looks out for all of us!” 
    “Maou? Never heard of her. Some new weird religion?" He wondered aloud. 
"Oh she's been around for a very long time."
 "I haven't really been a pious man for a while," He mentioned, trying to make some kind of conversation. 
"Don’t worry. You will be soon~” She giggled, "You'll have to if you want to get home." 
Andy sighed, “Alright. How do you pray to her?” 
“Oh, in so many different ways! You want to get home, don’t you?”
    “I’ll do whatever it takes to get home.” Andy admitted.
    “Oh hoh ho!” The cheshire’s eyes lit up, the gold glistening as she turned to him, “Just what I wanted to hear! Right this way, right this way!” She took hold of his wrist and quickly brought him to a grove. There were tall purple trees surrounding the small clearing. In the middle was a small, friendly looking home. Smoke lazily streamed from a bright blue chimney. The cheshire grinned at Andy, “Your way out is right in there~”
    “O-okay...” He whimpered. He stepped towards the house apprehensively. With a glance behind him, he saw the cheshire had vanished. He turned back and stepped towards the house again. There was a smell in the air, something he couldn't really place. The smell reminded him of the fruit he had been eating, but the scent permeated in the air and clung to everything around him. He knocked on the door, the hope in his heart starting to wane. But he would take anything over wandering around, starving and afraid. 
    The door creaked open, “Enter,” A haughty, feminine voice called. Andy swallowed nervously and entered the home. He walked into the haze, the sweet fruity scent almost making his eyes water from how strong it was. He squinted as he tried to make his way through the dark. He took a step and wound up face first in something pillowy and soft. 
He could hear the same laughter as earlier as he pulled himself out of the soft thing and tried to gather his bearings. He looked up from the breasts his face had just been between and up into the face of a gorgeous pale woman. She looked down at his cherry red face with a little smirk as she huffed on a pipe, “He said he would do ANYTHING to get home!” The cheshire informed the woman.
    “Oh, ANYTHING?” She smiled. Andy felt something long and large wrap around his waist, “And what might your name be, handsome?” She asked.
    “A-Andy,” He stammered as he felt the haze come to his mind. He felt relaxed as the woman soothingly ran her fingers through his hair. 
    “Andy? What a cute name. You may call me Pam,” She cooed as she blew a puff of sweet smelling smoke on his face. Andy got a better look at the woman. Her skin was a pale blue, her hime cut hair was mostly dark blue with a black highlight or two, she had little purplish horns on the top of her head and her piercing eyes were a matching shade of purple. Her upper body was covered by a white and blue fancy and form fitting blouse that made her already large breasts look even bigger. He looked down at her lower body. If he wasn’t somewhat intoxicated and so relaxed, he would have screamed. Pam’s lower body, past her wide hips, was a soft, pillowy body with many tiny legs. The tiny legs clung to Andy's clothes and limbs as it tightened its grip on him.
    “We’re good now, right, Pam?” The cheshire asked nervously as she backed out the door.
    She sucked on her pipe, the pink liquid bubbling as she took a long draw. She puffed the smoke in Andy’s face again. She squeezed him, forcing him to take in a large breath of it, “Of course, my friend. Come by for a visit some time! I have much to do with this one tonight.”
    Andy felt his pants tightening uncomfortably as she shifted in her grasp, “Wh-what’s in this stuff, lady?”
    “Lady? Oh, how polite,” She kissed his lips and breathed some more of the sweet smoke into this mouth, “Just some fruits. Relax, darling. Allow my body to hold you,” She grabbed the nape of his neck and pulled him into her, his head resting between her breasts. She was just as fruity smelling as the air around her was. She scooted herself further onto her large mushroom looking couch. Andy was still face down in her breasts while her body’s little legs held him firmly in place. His hands were stuck at his sides as the legs held them here. 
He finally felt safe. ‘This must be home then,’ He decided silently as the woman giggled, running her hands through his hair and tickling his scalp. His agonizing journey was finally over. 
    He stayed limp as the woman flipped him onto his back, “Your clothes are so dirty. Let us be rid of those,” In a quick motion, Andy’s military clothes were ripped off by the little feet. Each one was surprisingly sharp. He was left in his white tank top and underwear, “Much better! Now,” She grinned as he looked up at her, “I am a bit peckish for something. Something that my pipe does sate,” The little claw-like feet spun him around so that his legs were towards her upper body. They were, of course, held still by her own legs. 
Andy no longer felt safe as the woman leaned forwards, getting herself right over his groin, “W-wait! Wh-what are you doing!?” He demanded.
“You did say you wished to leave Wonderland, did you not?”
“Y-yeah I did!”
    “And that you would do ANYTHING?”
    “Y-yes,” He muttered with regret.
    “Well. The only way out is if you’re a good husband and we decide to return to your world.”
    Andy started to sweat, he just met this woman! “What do you mean, ‘good husband’!?”
    She sighed, “Good husbands allow their wives to use their bodies as they see fit. And right now, I think you need all that stress milked from your body.”
    “No? Then why does your cock throb so? Desperate for release? Do you not want my breasts to hug and rub against your member?” She removed her blouse, revealing her massive breasts. They had reddish purple nipples. Andy was stunned by their size and voluptuous nature, “See? You DO want it,” She produced an unmarked bottle and poured the thick red liquid over her breasts, “You throb even more as I merely oil up!” She rolled her breasts back and forth, spreading the oil between them then took a hit of her pipe and blew the warm air into Andy’s face. He somewhat calmed down, resting his head on her soft caterpillar body. She gingerly removed his underwear, pulling them down to his ankles. She started to pant as she laid eyes on his little soldier. It stood at attention, just for her. 
    “I hope you’re just as ready as I am, darling,” She giggled as she dangled her breasts over his erect cock. She teasingly shook her breasts back and forth, each one playfully slapping against the head of his penis. Andy writhed as she teased him, “So full of lust, darling. Allow me to help you with that,” She took hold of both of her breasts and hugged his member with them. They were soft and warm, the oil made them slick as well. Pam gently made her breasts rise, leaving some of the oil on his cock as it glided up, teasing every little bit of his member. She brought them high enough that his cock was exposed once more before engulfing all of it again and bringing her breasts down, “How is it, darling? How does it feel?”
    “Good,” Andy powerlessly admitted. 
    “Hm? ONLY good!?” The wonderworm demanded with a look of disgust on her face, “Are my breasts ONLY good?” She asked again.
    She used her breasts to start hammering his cock, her breasts moving quickly up and down his shaft. Andy cried out, “Ahn!” He shouted as the pleasure forced the noise from his lips, “Amazing! They’re amazing!”
    “Do you love them?” She asked as she suddenly stopped.
    “Yes! Oh god, I love them!” He tried to move his hips and thrust up into her breasts. The legs gripped him tight and kept him from moving.
    “You love my breasts, but do you love me?” She asked in an innocent tone.
    “Huh? I-I-I do!” Andy cried, pleading for more of the wonderful warm feeling. He was almost in pain as his cock was exposed to the outside air.
    “Oh, I love you too, darling~” She giggled, “Alright, I’ll give you what you want for being such a good boy. You can thrust, if you please,” She released his hips.
Andy didn’t need to be told twice. His hips moved on their own, plowing into the worms pillowy soft bosom. She merely smiled sweetly and watched as he desperately buried all of his member into her love sacks. When he pushed all the way in, the tip of the head would poke out the top of her breasts. Pam greedily licked at it when she saw it, craving the man’s sweet sweet nectar.     There was a soft ‘plap, plap, plap,’ as the man’s hips crashed into the woman’s oiled up breasts. He was already moaning and crying out as the lust overtook his mind. Intoxicated and unbelievably horny, Andy needed to release the pressure building in his loins. 
Pam pressed her breasts together more, hugging his cock firmly. She forced his hips down which she grabbed once more, “Ready to cum, hm?” Andy nodded, unable to get any words out of his mouth, “Then cum for me, darling. I want every drop of it,” She demanded as she began to rapidly bring her tits up and down, eager to milk an orgasm from him. He started to moan loudly, begging for release with his garbled words. He cried out as his cock began to throb. Pam instinctively pushed down one last time and took the tip of his penis in her mouth. She got what she wanted, her husband’s nectar. More delicious than any fruit, the nectar flowed into her mouth. She swallowed every bit of it, hungry for more as his cries began to subside.
Andy lay limp in her grasp, “Oh my god,” He panted.
    “How delicious!” Pam declared, “More. I need more!” She cried as she adjusted him. She moved her breasts out of the way and began to lap the fruit based oils off his member. He started to moan again, his member still hard and ready for more action. She took it in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down quickly as she gripped him firmly with her body. He was helpless, too weak and intoxicated to fight against her. His mind was a blur of intoxication, weakness, hunger and another appetite for sex. Her mouth was even warmer than her breasts, a hot erotic sensation that glided up and down his shaft, leaving little bits of her purple lipstick behind. She sucked on his cock like she would her pipe when she had gone too long without a hit, with desperation and hunger. 
    “Oh, god,” Andy groaned. Pam didn’t dare remove her lips from his shaft for fear of losing a few drops of the nectar she so direly craved. His hips bucked and his legs shuddered at the wonderful head he was receiving. He came, the orgasm sneaking up on him and suddenly bursting into her mouth. Pam very hungrily lapped it up, swallowing every little drop of cum she could as his cock throat fucked her.
    She pulled her head off his member with a loud pop noise, “I could get used to this,” She mused quietly as her husband panted. She released him, letting him rise and clean himself off with a towel.
    “Was-- Was I good?” He asked, eager to please his wife.
    “Of course, darling,” She giggled as she ran fingers through his hair. She took hold of his head and pulled it to her nipple. He eagerly took it in his mouth and sucked, the oil tasted wonderful. He wondered what kind of fruit it was made out of, “You were so good, in fact,” She grinned, “That when everything calms down, we will go to your home. Until then,” She laughed a little maliciously, “I will do with you as I please,” She removed his face and collapsed onto her couch, “I suppose you deserve a taste of me now, yes?” She took hold of her pipe as her husband got on his knees before her. 
“O-okay,” He ran his hands over her soft caterpillar body, exploring it as Pam blew the intoxicating smoke at him. He then crawled up her body and buried his face in her loins, gently lapping at her labia and clit. She gasped and bit down on the pipe as pleasure violently shot through her body. Her caterpillar body hugged Andy back as his arms wrapped around her waist, refusing to be wrenched from her love tunnel. Pam gently pet his hair, ruffling it playfully as his tongue was stuck deep into her as he tried to lap up every drop of her sweet love fluids. 
    “Darling!” Pam cried, “I-I’m--” She was cut off by a loud moan as an orgasm made her body shudder. She panted as she brought her husband up for some much deserved cuddles. His face was wet with her liquid love, making her giggle as she wiped him clean with a cloth. She lay on the couch, forcing her husband to be the little spoon as she held him close, “Rest, my dear. You have earned it. Tomorrow. A great feast then I will learn every inch of your amazing body.”
    Andy merely nodded as the exhaustion made him weary. His head was between her breasts using them as pillows. He smiled a little bit and made a note to thank the cheshire next time he saw her. She did lead him home, afterall.

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  1. I always loved this story, but I was wondering if we’ll ever see more of those two – and learn why the Cheshire Cat was a bit antsy around Pam.


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