The Goblettes Good Gobbies Ending

 “Good gobbies, huh?” I grunted as I pushed my pants down more.
 “Well, then do whatever it is that good gobbies do,” I ordered, leaning back.
 The two goblettes greedily lapped at my member. I grunted as they worked to wet my willy, kissing and lickng all up and down the shaft, “Dat good, boss?” Morka asked.
 “Is da boss pleased?” Gorka stared at me.
 I nodded, signalling them to continue. Morka sat on my cock facing away from me, grinding her fat goblin ass against me. Gorka hurried to my side, kissing my chin and lips. Both were grunting and panting as they desperately tried to please me. I smiled, “Good, good,” I pet both of them. Morka changed positions, gripping my cock between her plump thighs and using them to pleasure me, lubricated by her wet pussy.
 My cock throbbed and twitched as my loins started to feel pressure, “I’ll use me mouth, boss!” Morka announced, getting off my cock and grabbing the shaft with her hands. Her lips pressed against the head of it, lapping up the precious precum that leaked out. One of her hands felt my balls as she panted hot air all over my nethers. Her soft, plump lips ran over my cock, tasting every inch of my member. 
 “Boss likes dat, Morka!” Gorka encouraged.
 “Yeah,” I panted, “I-I’m gonna cum--” I clenched my teeth and threw my head back as the goblette shoved my member down her throat, staring up at me while I splurted repeatedly. 
I went limp, my mind swirling from the pleasure. Morka cleaned up any leftover cum with her tongue in long, broad strokes before climbing over my crotch and resting on my chest, “Boss’s zog stick tastes good!” She smiled.
 “I gotta taste da stick!” Gorka shouted, picking up her massive honkers and dropping them on my cock. I could feel their heat as she picked up my member and put it between them, rolling her slicked, warm breasts back and forth as I got hard again. She had a big goofy grin on her face as she watched my writhe, “Boss likes my fat tits? My massiff zoggin’ boobas? My warboss sized honkah donkahs?”
 “Yous need more honkahs!” Morka cried as she cuddled up to me.
 “I’ve gots enuff honkahs! Boss likes em like dey are!” She started furiously using her huge breasts to beat my meat with lewd, wet impact noises ringing out. I thrust into her breasts, desperate for more pleasure as she fucked me with them, “Boss is eager!”
 “Zog ‘er boss!” Morka shouted.
 I nodded watching as Gorka switched to using her mouth. While Morka had been somewhat clean, Gorka was sloppy and fast, using her slick lips to pleasure me as she bobbed her head up and down rapidly. I nutted in her mouth as the feeling snuck up on me. Gorka got the load in her mouth, swirling it around with her tongue and tasting my spunk with a big smile on her face before swallowing it. She sighed happily, “Da boss zogged my mouf!”
 Both girls laughed happily as they climbed on me, “Boss, were we good gobbies?” Morka asked.
 “Very good,” I sighed with a little smile as I hugged both of them, “And you’re both going to keep being good goblettes, right?”
 “Yes!” Both cried, “Anything for da boss!”
 I gave them both a kiss on the forehead, “Good girls. Now sleep. There will be time later for zoggin’.”

 Anon returned to his normal life. Gorka and Morka still came with him to work, now visible to those around him. Rather than torn rags, they dressed in classy outfits that accentuated their curves. Their love, magic and ability to give standing blowjobs bolstered Anon’s abilities as a worker and quickly thrust him up the corporate ladder into a management position. He had his own office and two lovely wives that had (mostly) pushed the thoughts of krumpin’ people physically and thought about crushin’ other businesses with cut throat financial decisions.
 Anon stood in his office and stared out the window. He uttered a quiet sigh. Gorka and Morka sat at their tiny shared desk as they went through papers with orkish fervor. Anon turned as he heard a knock on the door, “Enter!” He called.
 Gwen stepped in, “Hey, good job with that Canada deal, Anon,” She smiled, “Is something wrong?”
 He turned back to the window, thinking about things that could have been. A krumped Canada sounded wonderful, those elves deserved it more than anything. Maybe he’d get around to it eventually. But with children of his own baking in his wives’ tummies and a forever home being built for them, he couldn’t think about that now, “Nah. It's alright. Just a little out of it. My secretaries are a handful, ya know?”
 Both goblettes turned to the weresheep and glanced at her over their stylish, lensless glasses. Gwen laughed, “Alright, Anon. Again, good job,” She left Anon alone with his secretaries.
 “Boss, do ya need some special attention?” Morka asked as she closed the blinds to his office and locked the door.
 Gorka quickly closed the outside blinds and applied some extra lipstick, “Yeah boss, I think you need some fun.”
 Anon nodded and undid his pants, knowing it was easier this way, “I love you both. You know that, right?” Anon asked.
 “Of course boss!” Gorka smiled as she kissed my exposed skin, leaving behind the fifth lipstick mark he had gotten just that day.
 “We’re not zoggin’ idiots!” Morka did the same, kissing my balls leaving a sixth, “We love you back!”
 “Yeah, boss!”
 Anon smiled and nodded, “Alright, alright. Let's get this done fast, I wanna get out a little early and swing by the new house.”

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