Trapped In a Spider’s Web

Commission for Iphidiris. Thanks again!

    I stepped through the rain, letting the droplets come down upon my head. The weather was cold and dreary. The moon hung high in the sky partially obscured by dark clouds. The puddles under my boots kicked up water as I trudged through them. I glanced up as I heard the rumble of thunder off in the distance. The cool rain water and the light gusts of wind felt good on my hot face. 
    I was starting to have second thoughts about what I was about to do, but I was already all the way out here. I wasn’t about to walk for an hour and just head back home and confront my parents again. I decided I might as well. I shook my wet hair and looked through my wet bangs at the bridge before me. No chickening out this time. Not again, I reminded myself. I had gotten lucky that my parents hadn’t put me in one of those homes run by those monster girl freaks. I didn’t want anything to do with them. I stood on the bridge. I couldn’t even see the water below me. The dark, toiling waves of the river were obscured by a layer of thick fog and the cover of darkness. There were no cars or carriages out or crossing the bridge. No one would be out this late. Maybe those monster freaks, but I didn’t care about them. 
My hands shook as I climbed on the railing. I grasped a pole for support and stood, letting the wind and rain crash against my face. It was going to be the last time. I took my last few breaths. I looked down to the river below and hoped that it would be quick. The doubt filled thoughts came back, doubt was starting to take over my self loathing and overwhelming sadness. I sighed, unsure what to do.
“Please don’t,” A voice begged me quietly. A woman? A woman taking interest in me only now that I was staring death in the mouth? Typical.
    “Don’t come any closer, lady. I’ll do it,” I growled at her without looking.
    I didn’t hear anything for a few moments so I glanced over my shoulder. There didn’t seem to be anyone behind me. A soft hand grasped my wrist, “Don’t be hasty. Why would you let such a handsome body go to waste?” She cooed.
    I tried to yank my hand away from her but her grip was firm. I could only see her eyes glistening in the darkness. A set of six entirely crimson eyes. A pair of large eyes where they belonged and two other, smaller sets on her forehead. A monster girl, “Get off me!” I hissed, trying to wrench my arm free.
    “Why? So I may let a perfectly good man go to waste? I'd rather not see you dashed upon the rocks.” She asked in a somewhat angry tone. 
    “You don’t know me.”
    “What if I said I would like to? Would you step down and begin to think straight?” She asked quietly with a strange touch of concern in her voice.
    “I’d say no. You monsters are the reason why I’m doing this in the first place,” I shot back angrily. I continued to try and wrench myself free.
    “Ah. I’ve heard of your ilk before. I am happy you did not turn to terrorism,” She chuckled softly and somewhat awkwardly, still not letting go of my grip, “Do not let some of my kinds’ trespasses against you reflect on all of us.”
    “Just let me go lady,” I pleaded, “Let me go in peace.”
    “Peace? You reek of doubt. Come down.”
    “W-well...” I yanked on her grasp one last time. My footing slipped on the wet stone. She lost her grip and I started to fall backwards, down off the bridge and towards the water. It felt slow. I felt cold as I heard the howling of wind in my ears. I closed my eyes, ready for it to end.
    “Gotcha!” I heard the woman say as a multitude of limbs wrapped around me. My fall suddenly stopped short as something was pulled taut. We dangled in the air softly swaying to and fro, “Luckily I had prepared for this. Such a stupid, rash boy,” She scolded me. Her limbs expertly grabbed me and rolled me around as something began to wrap around me. I froze in sheer terror as I started to realise just what had caught me. I was trapped in a spider’s web, “What do you gain from doing this?” She continued, “A long term solution to a short term problem! So selfish!” She scolded. I was light headed and still frozen, unable to respond, “If you were so ready to throw your body away, perhaps I should take it? You look like a wonderful snack,” She chuckled to herself as she finished wrapping me in her web. Her legs placed me atop her large, chitin covered spider abdomen. I laid limply in the tight, constricting webbing, still feeling horrible. I heard her speak, but my head was swirling and my ears were ringing from the whiplash of her catching me. Eventually, with the rain splashing against my face, I drifted into unconsciousness.
    I groaned as I woke up. The ringing had stopped but my head still ached. I stayed still with my eyes closed as I tried to feel around. I was still trapped in spider silk. It was somewhat sticky but wholly durable. I shuffled in the silk as I listened to the rain come down on a metal roof above me. It sounded close to me. I opened my eyes and yawned. I gave a cursory glance to my surroundings. I realised that I must be somewhat high up. There was hardly any light and I couldn’t see the floor from where I was. I groaned loudly, just kind of hoping I was dead and this was hell.
    “Ah! You’re awake,” I heard that voice again. The woman who had ‘saved’ me, “How are you feeling?” She asked.
    “Where am I?” I demanded. My voice was dry and raspy on account of the lack of water I had drank. 
    “My home. Again, how are you?”
    “Why do you care?” I spat angrily, “Just drop me from here. I should hopefully die.”
    She shook her head, “Even if you manage to wiggle out of that little cocoon I lovingly made, I’ve put numerous webs under it to catch you. Why are you so eager to die?” I bit my tongue and just let myself lay limply, “Such a poor boy,” She sighed as her clawed fingers ran along the side of my face. There was a little bit of light streaming in despite the rain so I got a better look at her. Her skin was pale and without a blemish other than a single beauty mark under her left eye. Her black hair was short and well kempt. She grinned at me with a mouth full of sharp teeth and two long fangs. Her breasts were quite large and were concealed by a form fitting black dress. From the thigh down as well as from the elbow down on her arms she was covered in a dark chitinous shell. This human body sat on the abdomen of a spider. I shuddered as I stared at her long spindly legs, “Is something the matter?”
    “I don’t like insects,” I closed my eyes as she continued to stroke my head. I could feel her heat as she got close to me.
    She exhaled softly, letting the heat of her breath wash over my face and down my neck, “Lucky for you, spiders aren’t insects,” She giggled teasingly. 
    I whimpered as her claws crawled up my body and poked me on the nose. She giggled again before running her fingers through my hair. My fear of her was overwhelming most of my other emotions, “W-what do you want for me?” I whimpered.
    “You were so ready and eager to throw away your body,” She ran a hand over my body, “So I want it,” She got her face uncomfortably close to mine. I could smell her now. She honestly smelt good, like honey and chocolate. Her warm, wet tongue ran up my cheek before she kissed the other one, “I thought I’d take it. It’s a warm, nice, handsome, and… blood filled body,” She smirked at me, “Can I get you anything, little fly?” Her fingers brushed against my stubble, “How about some water?” She put a bottle to my lips. I reluctantly drank it, wetting my dry mouth before sighing with relief. The spider put away the bottle and looked me up and down, “Are you comfortable?”
    “Why do you care, you’re just gonna eat me.”
    “Oh, it is widely known throughout monster girl culture that your prey tastes better when happy or terrified. And, well, because of what you nearly did to yourself, I thought that a gentler approach was called for.”
    “Gee. Thanks,” I slouched in her web. 
    The woman put her human body on top of me, attempting to stare me in the eyes as I purposefully avoided eye contact. She tried to touch my face again. Fed up with her, I tried to lash out and bite her. I hardly opened my mouth before she clasped her palm over it. Slowly she let me go, her fingers tracing and poking at my lips, “You have such wonderful lips, little fly.”
    I didn’t like how she called me that, “Whatever.”
    “Who hurt you? What happened to turn this handsome man so mean and hostile?” She mused.
    I bared my teeth at her, “You did! You kidnapped me and tied me up dammit! Let me go!” 
    “Come now, little fly,” She seemed unphased by my outburst, “I meant before that,” Despite how mean and nasty I was to her, she kept speaking in a quiet and calm voice.
    “You don’t care. No one cares what my problems are!” I cried, “No one! I-- I--” I started to sob as the sadness came crashing down, “Nobody cares about me.”
    “No, no, no! Don’t say that!” The woman wrapped her arms around my neck and started to stroke my head, “Ssh, no need to cry,” She did her best to comfort me as I cried like a baby. 
    “I’m so sad and pathetic!” I wailed pitifully as I let the woman hug me tightly. 
    “There, there. Let it all out,” I sniffled and whined for a time longer. Even after I had stopped crying, the spider woman kept petting and comforting me, “Feeling better?” She asked when I had finally quieted down.
    I looked into her crimson eyes, “If you’re gonna eat me, can you just kill me now? This is probably as happy as I’ll get.”
    She laughed at what I had said, “Kill you? Oh, heavens no! What kind of girl do you think I am?”
    “The kind who is going to gut me and slurp up all my innards as I beg for my life?” I guessed sarcastically, “I don’t know.”
    “Well…” She trailed off as a smirk crossed her lips, “I’ll be slurping something~ Perhaps I should just show you. It may be just what you need.”
    “Oh boy, I get to die now rather than later. Thanks,” I remarked, my voice oozing with sarcasm.
    She took her place by my legs. Her human body somewhat rested on them as she ran her hands over my hips, “I’m not sure about that,” She cut through the webbing around my crotch. With an air of reverence about it, the spider woman undid my pants. With my fly down, she cautiously went for my underwear, grabbing the hem of it and slowly pulling it down. I shuddered as my soft member was exposed to the cold air. She pressed her face against my member, spreading her warmth to it as she smelled my musk, “Ooooh, little fly. That’s the stuff!” She cried.
    “Oh, god!” I cried, unable to stave off my quickly hardening fear boner, “You’re gonna bite it off! You’re gonna eat my dick!”
    She laughed, “In a way,” She licked her lips before blowing air on the head of my penis. It throbbed in response, “I’m going to send you to heaven, little fly~” She cooed.
    Her mouth opened wide, her sharp teeth being revealed. Strands of saliva were strung between them. She licked her lips and teeth again, getting them all wet and ready. She giggled as I whimpered and writhed, desperately trying to escape her grasp. Her wet lips pressed against the head of my member, giving it a wet kiss, “S-stop playing with me. Just get it over with,” I pleaded.
    “So eager!” The woman laughed before blowing cold air on my now wetted cock, making it twitch, “But I want to savor every little bit of my meal, little fly. Just relax. It will all be over soon,” She proceeded to place slow, teasing kisses on my member, balls and the insides of my thighs. I struggled and moaned as she ran her sharp fingers over my thighs. She giggled as she playfully teased me, running her hands over every sensitive bit she could, “Such a scrumptious snack,” She licked her lips again, “It is time for my main course!” She opened her ravenous mouth full of sharp teeth wide and slowly lowered it over my wet, fully erect fear boner. She closed her mouth over the tip of my penis. I could feel her tongue slide from the top to the bottom of my shaft as she suckled on the tip. Her head bobbed slowly up and down as her tongue felt and tasted every part of my shaft. One of her hands went to my balls and started to caress them. She squeezed gently on them, feeling them as she rolled them between her fingers, “Relax, little fly. I’m not going to harm you.”
    “Bull! I don’t know why else you’d stick a part of me in that mouth full of sharp teeth!” I angrily growled at her.
    “Oh, little fly,” She sighed before chuckling at me. She held my cock in one hand, stroking it idly, “Just how sheltered are you? Just relax, sweet little fly. I’ll take good care of you.”
    I whimpered again as her mouth enveloped my member. Her head began to bob up and down again. It admittedly felt wonderful. Her mouth was gentle as it ‘devoured’ my member. She carefully kept all of her sharp teeth away from my manhood. I started to shudder and writhe as she rhythmically bobbed her head. I gasped and moaned as I finally relaxed, letting her shower me in pleasure, “Shit,” I started to swear.
    She made a popping noise as she pulled her mouth off my penis, “Are you ready, little fly?” She stroked me rapidly, “Come on, whenever you’re ready.”
    Her lips enveloped my member down to the hilt. She started to rapidly suck on me. I could feel it building in my loins, a powerful orgasm building right behind my cock. I couldn’t hold it back. The spider woman was ready to feed and she’d get it from me whether I wanted to give it to her or not. With a cry, my hips thrust deep into her mouth, surprising her for a moment before she grabbed my hips and forced them down. I came, blowing my load into her mouth as I cried out in ecstasy. I splurted numerous times into her mouth and she happily swallowed each, one after the other. I panted, trying to calm my pounding heart and getting some air in my lungs after having forgotten to breathe during my climax.
    She licked me clean before putting my underwear and pants back into place. Slowly, she rose up, towering over my cocooned, heaving body. She used her finger to wipe up the bit of cum that had escaped her mouth. She lapped it off her skin using her tongue, “Mmh,” She giggled as she tasted it, “Such a fine meal. Intoxicating almost,” She lay next to me, staring me in the eyes, “Did I not tell you that you had nothing to fear? I didn’t hurt you at all.”
    “Yeah. You didn't,” I conceded, “How the hell was I supposed to know that’s what you meant when you talked about eating me?”
    She giggled and caressed my face again, “I can guarantee you that you’ve never heard of a man being actually eaten by a monster girl on the news, little fly,” She yawned and climbed atop me, resting her head on my chest, “Oh, before it slips my mind again, what is your name?”
    “Anon,” I told her bluntly, “Do I get to know yours?”
    “Of course. You may call me Alice.”
    “Just Alice? Not what I was expecting, but alright.”
She smiled, “Rest now. Maybe I’ll have some of your blood too in the morning!”
“What!?” No!” I protested.
“But you didn’t want your body, little fly. I’ll do with it as I please,” She smirked as I grumpily settled into my bed of wrappings. I found myself falling asleep quickly, kept warm by the admittedly comfortable webbing and her warm body.

 “Carefully, Anon,” Alice held my hand and helped me as I struggled to get my footing, “There you go, my little coffee bean,” She smiled as she let me stand on my own. 
“Thanks, Alice,” I muttered quietly as I carefully stepped across the floor. My legs were a little cramped and numb. I walked into the bathroom and switched on the light. I stared at myself in the mirror for a few seconds before turning to the toilet and relieving myself. I took a moment to reflect on the past few days. Alice still held me in captivity as I had been for the last three days. She had been feeding me sandwiches, fruit and vegetables. I was only let out so I could go to the bathroom, which I didn’t mind, really. As far as captors go, Alice was quite kind and understanding - not that I knew a lot of said captors but I imagined that was true. She listened to my blubbering whenever I had an episode and was quick to comfort me when needed. The blowjobs were nice, but in return she would drink some of my blood. I didn’t mind that too much, either, as it was painless and she seemed to like it. I zipped up my pants, washed my hands and returned to the main room. Alice’s ‘house’ was little more than an abandoned warehouse. Most everything that had actually made it a warehouse had been removed; now she only had a small bookshelf, a table or two and a couch that was much too small for her. Everything else was made from her web. I looked up to see her lowering two hammocks from the ceiling. I watched as her spindly legs carried her down the webs on the wall.
    “I’m ready to go back in the cocoon,” I told her after doing some stretches.
    “Oh, I think we can move past that,” She said with a chuckle, “You seem much less eager to die now, so think I can trust you to walk around on your own two legs. Still no leaving the house, though, but it’s not all bad! I made you a little hammock and everything.”
    “Huh, thanks,” I smirked before watching her climb into her own hammock then laying on her back. Her spider legs curled in on her body, some of them folding over the others like any normal human girl might do while reading. Unlike human girls however, she hung books and food around her from the ceiling using her webs. Climbing into my own hammock, I stared at her. She was gorgeous, of course, but had some almost alien-like charm to her. Maybe my arachnophobia really had meant I wanted to fuck spiders. Well, this one at least. 
Humming idly, Alice glanced over at me, “Is something wrong? Do you not enjoy your new bed?”
    “No, it's not that. It’s really nice. Uh,” My brain shut off, “That dress looks really nice on you.”
    She giggled and blushed, “You really are a sweetheart, hm, coffee bean?” Her newest pet name for me. A joke about how intoxicating she found me. It was better than ‘little fly’ at least.
    “Your hair looks nice too like that. How you brush it to the side and all that.”
    “Anon, where is this coming from?”
    “I dunno,” I got down from my hammock and stepped over to hers. Without a word I climbed up on top of her, resting my head just below hers, “I just wanted to thank you, I guess.”
    “For what exactly?”
    “Saving me. You’ve been nothing but sweet and doting even when I was really mean to you. I think I’m feeling better,” I explained quietly, “You’ve done what I thought nobody could. Thank you.”
    Her fingers ran across my scalp, “Oh, of course my little coffee bean. I just couldn’t bear the thought of you… well. I would rather not speak of such evils, now that they are pushed from your mind. What even happened in the first place to get you like that?”
    “A whole cascade of things,” I sighed wearily, “I haven’t had any friends for a while. Most of them got married when your kind showed up and kinda just vanished or just stopped hanging out. So I’ve been lonely for a long time. My parents are no help either. Then I lost my construction job because why hire humans when monster girls do the job better and faster than we can? Got evicted by that damned danuki as well. Never had much luck with dating either. I know it sounds dramatic but I just couldn’t think of anything else to do. I was so alone.”    
    “You poor thing,” Alice wrapped me in a tight, squeezing hug that nearly forced all the air from my lungs, “You have me now. You’re not alone anymore.”
    I could hardly hold back the tears that started to well up in my watery eyes. I sighed, letting her hold me in her arms as mine hugged her torso, “Is there anything I can do to thank you?” I asked quietly, not sure what I could offer her if anything.
    She pulled the collar of my shirt aside and bit my shoulder gently with her fangs. She drew a bit of my blood and lapped it up, “Hmm,” She thought as she idly lapped at the sanguine liquid, “I know one thing you could do for me, my little coffee bean.”
    “Just what I wanted to hear,” Her front legs and her arms both grabbed me as her long spindly legs flipped us over so she was on top of me. She undid my pants, “Be mine forever,” She commanded with a grin, “In life and death, your body is mine,” She pulled my pants down and slowly removed her panties. She didn’t bother taking off her dress as she started to grind her wet pussy against my member, “The other meals we have shared will be nothing compared to this!” She laughed as my member stiffened.
    “You’re so dramatic!” I scolded, “It’s impolite to play with your food, Alice.”
    “What do you know about being dramatic!?” She scoffed before running her fingers through my hair again, “Just make love to me, my dear.”
    “Alright, alright. Hey, this is the first time I haven’t been tied up during this,” I pointed out.
    “And I may never have to tie you up again. Unless you want to get kinky,” Her chuckling was cut off by a sharp gasp as she shuddered. Her hand reached down and touched my member, gently stroking it as she quickly got me into the mood. I did the same, running one hand over her pussy and feeling her folds while my other hand touched and played with her nipples. She huffed and moaned at my touch. Her face was blushing bright red.
    Her mouth pressed against mine, her soft and delicate lips brushed against my own as she kissed me. She gave me a few pecks that muffled her quiet moaning before she went for a deep passionate kiss. Our heads tilted in opposite directions as our mouths opened up and our tongues began to mingle. We both gasped and grunted into eachothers mouths as our foreplay continued, both of us getting riled up. I pulled my hands away from her, “Come on, Alice,” I grunted, “I’m ready.”
    “My little coffee bean is as eager as ever!” She laughed. She grabbed a can of something. I recognized the distinct noise of a carbonated beverage opening before she shotgunned it down. She laughed excitedly as she used a long, thin strand of webbing to wrap around the base of my shaft and hold it straight up. She slowly lowered herself down on it as she made excited and unintelligible chattering noises to herself. As the head of my shaft pierced her, she let out a loud, almost yelling moan, “So good!” She cried to no one but me and the walls. From her somewhat slurred speech, I realized the caffeine’s alcoholic effect had already taken hold of her. She pushed herself further down on me, her back arching as the pleasure shot through her body. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and stop talking to herself. She looked down at me, “Did I ever tell you how much I love you?”
    “N-no?” I grunted, unable to move due to the weight she was putting on me.
    “Well, I love you. I want you to put some babies in me. I’m gonna give birth to your babies!” She laughed before kissing me on the mouth again. It tasted like cola. She started to fuck me again, rising up slowly before brining herself down just as slowly and gently. I gasped as the walls of her pussy brushed against my penis, lovingly gripping it as her natural lubricant pooled on my crotch as she blissfully fucked me.
    “I-I love you too,” I told her as she gave me a moment to breathe. 
    “You make me so happy when you say that,” She smiled. Her hips never stopped moving. It was like they had a mind of their own as they tried to grant pleasure to their host and her ‘victim’ or ‘meal.’ My mind was going blank as I started to only focus on the hot, wet and intense feeling of our love making. She kept chattering and giggling to herself with love in her eyes as she stared at me. I could only wonder what she was going on and on to herself about. Probably babies from the sound of it. The idle talking stopped as she arched her back and let out a loud howl. Her body quivered and her pussy shook. She was climaxing. I gasped as her tight pussy squeezed down on my member, forcefully bringing me to an orgasm as well. I came inside her, spraying my cum directly into her womb. She stared down at me with hearts in her many eyes and licking her lips , while I writhed and grunted as I came. Eventually our climaxes ended. I felt hot and sweaty, especially with her body laying against mine. Slowly and gently, she pulled my cock out of her, “Can’t waste a drop, hm, my little coffee bean?” She pushed my cum back into her pussy, “I’m so excited to have your kids.”
    “I need to find a job soon then,” I sighed, “Gotta take care of you and the kids.”
    She lay on top of me again and showed my face in sweet kisses, “You’ll find something. I know you will. I’ll help you too! I promise!” She had a big smile on her face.
    “Thanks, Alice. I love you,” I sighed happily and put my arms behind my head.
    “And I love you back just as much!” She pulled me under her where her spindly legs spun me around, wrapping me in webbing, “Sorry, force of habit,” She giggled.
    “It’s fine,” I smirked, “It's really cozy in here.”
    “Good, I’m glad you think so,” She snuggled against me.
    “I… Should probably go home soon and talk to my parents. Let them know I’m okay.”
    “I’ll help you with that too. I just gotta… Sleep this caffeine off, alright?” She snuggled against me and was out pretty quickly.
    I sighed and closed my eyes, ready to sleep as well.

    “...And now I’m here,” I looked at my parents apologetically as I finished explaining where I had been for the last four days. I sat across from them on a couch with Alice on the floor next to me, “I’m sorry for scaring you guys. I was so damn stupid,” I growled at myself. Alice clutched my hand and squeezed it tightly for support, “I just hope you both can be happy for me and my wife now.”
    “Oh, Anon,” My mom got up and hugged me, “Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman. If you love her, that's enough for us.”
    “Thanks, mom,” I sighed happily and hugged her back. 
    “I’ll get dinner made soon. I hope you both stick around for that,” My dad grunted as he got up and went to the kitchen. It felt strange knowing everything was fine already, but I was happy.
    “We wouldn’t miss your cooking for the world!” Alice grinned excitedly, “Come on, my little-- I mean, Anon. You said you would show me your room!” 
    “Yeah, yeah,” I stood and stretched.
    “Anon?” My mom smiled at me, “I’m glad you’re safe. Thank you for bringing him home, Alice.”
    “Of course, ma’am. He’s too handsome to let something bad happen to him,” She giggled as she kissed me on the cheek.
    My mom laughed, “That he is.”
    I blushed in embarrassment, “Okay, mom, I’ll see you at dinner,” I took Alice’s hand and dragged her upstairs. As soon as she squeezed into my room she collapsed onto the bed, “You both are embarrassing me,” I complained.
“You’re too fun to tease!” She giggled as she pulled me onto the bed with her where she showered me in kisses, “Just relax and cuddle with me, little coffee bean.”
 I sighed and quickly gave into her, letting her be the big spoon as she whispered how much she loved me into my ear. I smiled, finally feeling happy for the first time in a long time.

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  1. Great work. You had me thinking I would be glad to be in Anon’s shoes.You brought Alice to life made her sexy in every way. My kind of love story.
    Thanks Maj


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