My Guardian

Commission for Zarama. Thanks again!

    “Friday,” I said to myself with a little smile, “The best day for the working man!” I stepped through the city streets as I made my way home. My mind wasn’t on work anymore, I had an entire weekend to enjoy! All I had to do was not wander into the monster girl part of town and everything would be alright. I started to text my friends, looking for a wingman for tonight. I didn’t mind being a wingman either, just getting to see my friends was enough but pretty much all of them were already dating or married, most of them to monster girls. I didn’t hate monster girls or anything, I just found them intimidating was all. I very quickly received a slew of ‘busy tonight’ or ‘going on a date’ texts from the more honest of my friends. A few ghosted me, but that was expected too. I shrugged, I didn’t need them. My own two legs could carry me bar hopping on my own! I would find myself a girlfriend one way or another!

My glass hit the bar counter with a loud clunk. I wiped my mouth before sighing as the bitter liquid slid down my throat. I was more lonely than I thought I would be. I was only in my first bar of the night and I was already depressed. Usually I only got this down in the dumps when I had gone to my second or third bar but it was hitting me fast tonight. None of my friends had time to hang out anymore. I didn’t resent them or their wives or anything like that, I just missed my friends.
    “Any other drinks for ya?” The barkeep, Chuck, asked as he wiped down a glass. He was a friendly man with a big mustache and without a hair on that almost sparkling bald scalp of his. If I wasn’t one of the people helping keep his little pub afloat, we might have been friends. He would always put in some effort in chatting with me no matter how busy his pub got.
    “Yeah,” I grumbled sadly.
    “Not even drunk yet and yer already sad, eh, Anon?” He commented, “No friends here either. Here, your regular, on the house,” He quickly and expertly mixed rum and Coke. He slid the glass down the bar to me.
    “Thanks, Chuck,” I gave him a little smile as I caught the drink, “Always taking care of your regulars, huh? 
    “It’s just good business, friend. So, what’s on yer mind? Friend problems?” He paused for a moment before giving me a toothy smile, “Girl trouble?”
    “Little of column A and B,” I sighed, “Mostly A. You know I’ve never had luck with girls.”
    “True,” He offered me little more than a shrug, “I was just hoping yer luck had turned around recently.”
    “Well--” I sat up straight as I heard loud, boisterous laughter. A small pack of people pushed their way into the bar, joking and hollering at one another. They got up in one of the patron’s faces and started barking at him, demanding to know if he was dating a monster girl.
    “Ugh,” Chuck grumbled, “Damn trouble makers. Prowling around and looking for fights.”
    Each person was wearing light armor with a tabard over it and had a weapon on their hip or back. Usually swords but one carried a mace. I easily recognize the iconography on their tabards as the sigil of The Order. A group of monster girl haters that had set up in this city a while ago for one reason or another. There was a total of five, three women and two dudes. It was quickly obvious to me that four of them were paired together and the fifth, a muscular woman with long auburn hair and a cute face seemed to be alone, “Give me that shot of that liquid luck stuff, Chuck,” I demanded as the five settled into a table in the back.
    “Ya want ta...” He trailed off as he stared at me in disbelief.
    “You always said you’d give me the last of that stuff. I’m ready.”
“Alright,” He sighed, “I won’t question your taste in girls. Ya’ve always had weird taste.”
    I shrugged as he grabbed a bottle from a high shelf. An old bottle of irish whisky with a cartoon caricature leprechaun on the bottle. Chuck was a superstitious man and he always claimed that bottle carried magic with it, even before monster girls showed up in this world. He believed that whoever drank a shot of that stuff would get whatever their greatest desire was within the week. He had seen people win the lottery, find the girl of their dreams, ace a test and score jobs after downing it. Hell, he said he got the bar after drinking some himself. And right now, my desire was a girl. A strong one. My heart thumped as I watched him pour it for me into a special gold inlaid glass. He muttered to himself as he slid the glass to me. I gripped the glass with a strange reverence. I wasn’t a firm believer in all that stuff, but I needed all the help I could get.
    “Oi, barkeep,” A woman growled at him. It was the woman I had my eyes on. The luck was already working and I had only picked up the glass. I quickly downed it eager to feel its effect, “Three beers, and not the watered down shit, a margarita, vanilla lemon drop and five shots of tequila,” She barked. Chuck nodded silently before beginning to prepare the drinks. The lady knight’s gaze turned to me, “What are you staring at?” She hissed.
    “Uh, your eyes. I don’t see a lot of girls with such pretty emerald eyes,” I did my best to compliment her, “Those muscles too. Damn girl you put in work for those,” I chuckled nervously.
    A range of emotions flashed across her face in quick succession. First her lips curled back into a snarl, then disgust, then a big smile. My heart thumped as I thought she was about to flirt back, “Oh, my god!” She laughed, “YOU are trying to flirt with ME!?” She laughed in my face, “Hey, guys! Look at this scrawny loser trying to flirt with me!” She laughed again. The smile on my face fell away again as depression once again took hold, “You are so damn lucky I’m in a good mood,” Her voice turned threatening, “Get out of here loser. Or I’ll kick your shit in.”
    “O-okay,” I stammered, “Chuck can I get my tab?”
    “Just go,” He shook his head, “Come back and pay whenever you can.”
    “Thanks. I guess the luck ran out some time ago, huh?” I sighed again and left the bar, listening to that lady knight laughing at me with her friends. I stepped slowly and sadly down the street under the light of the moon and the dim street lamps. I considered going home, but now I just wanted to drown my depression in more liquor. I frowned, I didn’t want to risk running into those five again. I quickly decided that I’d walk across town. I wasn’t against taking a cab back to this side of town, the side where I lived. I was just a little buzzed as I stepped through the quiet streets. I gave myself a little smile, deciding that I would turn this night around, or at least try to.
    I looked at the bright lights on this side of town. Some theaters, restaurants, offices and apartments lined the streets. I didn’t wander down this way much, but I just needed a pub to wet my throat. I saw a few couples out, walking hand in hand through the streets as they went about their business, usually coming and going to various restaurants. If I had a girlfriend, I’d probably bring her here. These looked nice. Eventually, nestled between two somewhat classy restaurants I noticed what seemed to be a bar, ‘Money Shots.’ I frowned at the name, afraid I was about to walk into a porno theater but I did see a sign for friday night drinks. I sighed and stepped through the front door. 
    I was only three steps into the building before a big hand was put on my shoulder, “Hold up, pal,” A gruff voice told me, pushing me back towards the door, “ID,” She demanded curtly. 
    She was a tall woman. Definitely a monster girl based on that ashen skin and tall dog ears on the top of her head. She wore a tight black t-shirt that showed off her arms and revealed her toned stomach. She folded them, which made her arms appear even more muscular and intimidating. The most striking thing about her was her eyes which were black but for the blazing red irises and fire billowing from her eyelashes, “Yeah, yeah,” I grabbed my wallet and put my ID in her black furred hand. Looking at her, she was a hellhound head to toe, without a doubt. 
    She eyed it and turned it over in her hand, before she nodded slowly, “Alright, you’re good. I’ll be keeping an eye on you, don’t cause any trouble, Anon,” She grunted at me.
I simply nodded at her and headed in. The pub was small but quite comfortable. I quickly found a seat at the bar after being distracted by all the colorful framed movie posters on the walls. I put my elbows on the table and put my hands under my chin to hold it up, “Rough night, hun’?” A very kind and noticeably older voice asked. I looked over my hands to see a woman standing before me. She had brown hair with small, round, and very soft looking animal ears on the top of her head that immediately tipped me off to her being a monster girl. She wore a bowtie with a nice dress shirt that clung to her body, making her breasts look quite large. She had a drink mixer in her hands that she idly shook before pouring the blue liquid into a martini glass and passing it to a waiting kitsune with a black tail. I glanced at her and she winked at me with her crimson eyes. 
    “You could say that again,” I grumbled.
    “Rough night, hun’?” She repeated with a snicker, “Anyway. Can I get you anything?”
    “Ehh, how about something light and kinda fruity?” 
    “Right away, hun’,” The woman turned around, showing off her ringed and quite fluffy tail. She mixed me something with lemonade and slid it across the bar for me. She put her elbows on the bar and stared at me, “What’s your name, hun’?”
    “Me? Anon,” I sipped on the drink. It was surprisingly tasty.
    “Anon, huh? Cute name for a cute face,” She giggled, “Much too young for my taste, though. Lots of younger, single girls in here though,” She gestured to the rest of the pub. I looked behind me. There were a handful of monster girls in the bar either by themselves or with other girls. Most were eyeing me. Other than them there were a handful of couples and a group of all dudes in the corner. The hellhound bouncer was still eyeing me. I turned back to the woman behind the bar, “We don’t see too many single men in here. Don’t let the girls’ hungry eyes bother you too much. All the regulars are nice,” She smiled, “My name is Jess, by the way. Let me know if you want any more drinks.”
    “Look, no offense but I was just looking to get hammered tonight and drown my sorrows in booze. I didn’t mean to wander to this part of town. Any way you can keep these girls off my back?” I asked, nearly begging her to save me. I wasn’t gonna make it out that door without at least three girls stalking me home.
    “Me? Oh, heavens no! I can’t do much for you, Anon,” The danuki giggled, “You’re at their mercy now.”
    I turned back and scanned the room looking for some way out. Most girls looked at me with the hungry eyes that Jess had warned me about. Most single girls seemed interested except for one. The hellhound bouncer by the door. She leaned against the wall by the door as she stared at the hard wood and checked her watch. I got up and walked straight over to her. She didn’t look up until I was right in front of her, “Need somethin’ slim?”
    I felt a pang of pain as I recalled that the knight had called me something similar, “Look,” I started, confidence swelling in my voice as I stopped giving a damn, “I’m having a really bad night and I just wanna drown myself in liquor. Can you make sure no one bothers me?”
    Her eyes widened as more fire than before started to spray from her eyes, “W-wait, are you asking for protection? From me?”
    “Yeah, I guess you could say that,” I shrugged, “Maybe I can buy you a drink or something, too, as payment.”
    Her tail started to wag, “Well, if you insist. I’ll make sure those other girls keep their grubby little hands off of you!” She grinned. She turned and grabbed one of the nearby tables and dragged it near where she stood, “You have to sit here. By me.”
    I nodded and put my ass in one of the chairs she offered. I sighed with relief as I leaned back, the last of my lemony drink in my hand. I was amazed that the hellhound had agreed, maybe there was still a bit of that liquid luck in me after all. I glanced up at my new guardian or guard dog. She looked as pleased as a cheshire on catnip. The fires in her eyes burned brightly and her tail wagged violently as she folded her arms in a smug manner. I glanced around at the bar and noticed all the girls chatting quietly to one another while glancing over at me. There were a few giggles exchanged but I had stopped caring a long time ago. I finished my drink and got up to get another one but the hellhound put a hand on my shoulder and forced me back into my chair, “Stay here. I’ll get you something.”
    I shrugged, “Whatever you say, lady,” I gave her my glass which she hurriedly took to the bar. I watched her excitedly chatter with Jess for a minute or two as the watchful danuki began to mix another drink. It looked like a simple greyhound, some grapefruit and vodka. I could only wonder if this was some kind of joke. 
    The hellhound strut over to me and placed the drink before me, “Here you go, slim,” She didn’t make the slim nickname sound demeaning or belittling this time, thankfully. 
    “Thank you, uh…” I trialed off as I realised I didn’t even know her name.
    “Yeah. Thanks Maddie,” I sighed as I gripped the glass, retreating into my depressing thoughts for a few moments. 
    The earth shook as Maddie sat down in the chair next to me, “You haven’t drank any of the drink I bought you yet,” She pointed out, “Or do you just like the cold on your hands?”
    “You bought it for me? You didn’t need to do that,” I grumbled, my sad frown staining my face.
    “I get a free drink a day. You can have it you sad sack. Greyhound is one of my favorites, so I thought you might like it.”
    “Hmph,” I made a noise before bringing it to my lips and drinking some, “Yeah, it’s good.”
    Maddie wrapped an arm around my shoulders, “Hey, you could at least smile when you say it!” She laughed loudly. 
    I chuckled nervously, wondering why she was suddenly acting like this. My brain snapped out of its depressed stupor for a few moments to try and calculate things. The friendly nicknames, the way she got flustered when I asked her to protect me, how happy she suddenly was… my eyes grew wide as I stared into my drink. I knew I had just royally screwed up or screwed the pooch or soon to be screwing, whatever... I had to get out of that pub and fast, “W-would you look at the time?” I chuckled to myself, “I’ve uh, gotta get going. My mom is gonna be worried about me a-and--” I tried to get up but I was quickly pulled back into my chair by the powerful hellhound.
 “Hey, you wanted me to protect you, didn’t you? Your own personal guard dog? If your mommy is gonna worry about you just tell her your in the care of the best bouncer on this side of town!” She laughed as she snuggled against me, “Gotta make sure you’re warm too. Come on! Drink! I’ll make sure you have a good time tonight,” She grinned earnestly at me. 
    I liked how warm her half hug made me. It was almost as if she was thawing my ice cold and depressed heart with her fiery spirit. My nervousness was still getting the best of me however, “W-what are you gonna do to me?” I asked quietly.
    She leaned in close, “I’m not gonna hurt ya if that’s what you’re thinking,” She assured me quietly as her other hand caressed my chest, “My bark is way worse than my bite, especially for such a cutie. You don’t look assured yet. Here, lemme give you a little taste of what I’m gonna do to you,” She gave me a kiss on the cheek that made my heart pound with life and warmth.
    “Oh, haha...” I chuckled nervously. I knew I was boned now. 
    She leaned in and flicked her tongue across my lips before forcing me into a deep passionate kiss. She was surprisingly gentle as she assaulted me with kisses. She pressed her lips to mine again and used her tongue to push my lips apart. Her much larger tongue entered my mouth and began to wrestle with my own. I didn’t fight back against her, there was no hope in that and I really didn’t want to set her off. Or maybe that was an excuse my alcohol raddled brain came up with. Eventually, she released me, licking her lips as she smiled at me, “I wanna drink shots outta your mouth,” She laughed to herself. Maddie stared at my still doubt filled expression before touching my face, “Something wrong? You don’t like monsters or something?”
    “No… It’s not that. You said it yourself, calling me slim. I’m just some scrawny loser, why would a gorgeous and absolutely shredded hellhound want me?” I grumbled.
    “Who the hell called you a scrawny loser!? I’ll kick the shit out of them!” The hellhound suddenly growled.
    “D-don’t worry about it. I’ve just had a lot of bad luck with a lot of things recently, Maddie. Especially girls. I don’t want you to get invested in me and realise you’ve made a huge mistake,” I explained.
    Her concerned look gave way to a big grin, “Look, slim. Should I stop calling you that?” I shook my head, I kinda liked it, “Well, Anon. First off, I’m not some human harlot running around and playing the cock carousel. I know what I like and what I want,” She jabbed a clawed finger into my chest, “Second, I have never had a guy come up to me and just talk to me so damn confidently and tell me exactly what he wants from me. It… was pretty hot, Anon.”
    “R-really?” I stammered, staring into her fiery eyes.
    “Mhm,” Maddie smirked, “I want you to be mine, slim. I’ll keep you safe, don’t you worry your handsome head about it.”
    “You two seem to be getting along!” Jess practically sang, “I’m glad to see you’re doing something other than kicking out the rabble rousers, Madeline!”
 “B-boss, don’t embarrass me in front of Anon,” The hellhound whimpered.
    The danuki laughed to herself, “A little something on the house for you two,” She placed a tall margarita with two straws on the table and slid it over to us, “You two enjoy yourselves~” She smiled before returning to the bar. 
    Maddie kissed me again on the cheek, “What do you say, slim? Want to drink with me?”
    I sighed but gave in as she pulled me firmly against her, “Sure. Why not. I’m sick of drinking alone anyways,” I shrugged.
    “That’s the spirit!” She grinned at me before planting another deep kiss on my lips.

    Hours passed. Maddie kept mackin on me, kissing my cheeks and lips as she pleased, even making me drink liquor then making out with me to get some of it, “Yous gots a reeeeeeaaaaally cute face, you know that slim? Yous just a big ol’ cutie patootie!” Her slurred speech told me she was getting pretty tipsy. She was getting handsy too, her big fluffy hands rubbed my thighs, stomach and even ventured pretty close to my crotch.
    “Yeah, you keep telling me that,” I smirked, I was still quiet and unsure, but I was warming up to her.
    “You knows what, slim? I thinks I like that abouts ya! You agree with me all the time! It’s great! I’ll just have to fuck some of that confidence back into yous and then you’ll be fine!” She laughed to herself before bringing the two straws up to our lips and making me down the icey, fruity drink with her, “Not that yous not already fine,” She laughed, “But I wanna see that confidence again,” With a grin, she smooched me again.
    I smiled back at her, “W-well, m-maybe it’ll come back.”
    “I hope so! Lemme gets yous another drink, slim,” Maddie decided before getting up and stomping over to the bar. She glanced back at me and gave me a little smirk as she waited for the danuki to be done serving a couple that had come in recently. 
    I slouched and smiled back. Maddie’s tail had been wagging since I had asked her to protect me. That tail came out of a little opening in her tight and torn up jeans. I found it pretty cute. The hellhound herself was pretty hot. I still wasn’t entirely sure if it was good luck or bad luck running into her. I stretched and sipped on my drink. I was trying to stay as sober as I could as to keep my wits about me. I watched as the tipsy and excited hellhound chatted with the smiling danuki. 
    I glanced over as I heard the jingle of the pub’s door opening. My heart sank as I saw a familiar set of light armor stomp into the bar. Order Knights, five of them to be exact. I felt even more dread creep into my heart as I realized I recognized the off duty knights from earlier. The ones that had come into Chuck’s bar. I saw Jess scowl at them from behind the counter, “What do you Order goons want?” The danuki demanded.
    “Don’t get your tail ruffled, ring tail,” One of the men grunted, “We’re off duty.”
    “Just bar hopping, lady,” The other man growled.
    “But if we see anything off, we won’t hesitate to report it,” One of the women huffed.
    “You Order Punks don’t hold any authority in this town,” Jess redminded them, “So quit your games and buy some drinks, or you can go on and get,” Most everyone in the bar glared at the human supremacists except for Maddie who still has her eyes on the bottles behind Jess. Her tail had stopped wagging. 
    I tried to keep my head down as some of the knights went to grab a table in the middle of the bar. Most of the monster girls uneasily returned to their conversations, “Wait a second…” I heard a familiar voice hiss, “I recognize you,” The same lady knight as earlier turned to me, “You’re that scrawny loser from earlier!” She cackled evilly, “What, no luck with real women so you had to come down here for the easy stuff?” She and her posse of knights laughed at my expense, “Pathetic!”
    Maddie slammed her first on the counter making every glass in the bar rattle. She turned to face the knight that was making fun of me with a completely blank face as she tried to maintain her composure, “I’m gonna have to ask you to leave,” The hellhound requested calmly. She had completely sobered up in a few short moments.
    “You can’t tell me what to do, hound,” The knight barked.
    “She IS the security,” Jess shrugged, “So she can.”
    “You’re gonna kick me out for HIM?” 
    “I’d kick you out for making fun of anyone’s date, not just mine. But I’m extra pissed since you already laughed at him today and he doesn’t deserve your shit,” Maddie stomped past her and stood near me and the door with her muscular arms folded, “I can’t stand you Order tramps that think they’re better than us,” I put on a little cocky smile, feeling totally safe next to the hellhound.
    I hardly had time to react as the pissed off knight tried to throw a punch at me. Even faster was Maddie’s hand which grabbed my attacker’s wrist and counter attacked with an open palmed slap to the knight’s face, “Y-you--” The knight’s eyes started to water as the pain and shame set it. Bested and disrespected by a monster, her honor was tarnished, “I-I am an Order Knight! I-I will not be slapped around by--”
    Maddie shut her up by slapping her other cheek. Every monster loving patron in the bar laughed at the woman’s slapping. The rest of her team stood up to back her up which made every other patron in the bar stand up. They had their hands on their own weapons in response to the knights going for their swords. Jess put a magazine in the uzi she kept stashed behind the bar and glared at the knights. Even the other humans in the bar were cracking their knuckles menacingly, “Leave. I won’t ask again,” Maddie demanded slowly.
    Wholly humiliated and in tears, the puffy cheeked Order Knight ran out of the bar, “The rest of you get too!” Jess hissed from behind the bar. Not wanting to upset the danuki with a gun, the four of them quickly filed out, “Don’t let me catch you on this side of town again!”
    The patrons all laughed and clinked glasses with one another before sitting back in their seats, the lively and friendly feel of the bar quickly returned. The hellhound leaned down and kissed me on the lips, “Sorry, slim. I didn’t want you to see me get violent.”
     I gave her a big smile, “Hey, it's fine. You kept me safe like you promised, thank you.”
    “Madeline! Anon!” Jess called as she put the uzi away, “I think there’s been enough excitement for one evening. Take your man and head on home, Madeline. Don’t worry about those goons coming back, their armor blocks claws, not bullets. I can keep the bar safe for an hour.”
    “Alright boss,” Maddie nodded, “I… I think I’m ready for that bonus you promised me. I’ve had a good time tonight and I’m not letting this guy slip through my fingers,” The danuki’s eyes shined before she nodded quickly. She rummaged around under the counter and retrieved a little case and opened it. The hellhound quickly snatched something from the case and offered it to me. A little silver ring, “You, uh, wanna make me the happiest hound on earth and let me keep you safe forever?”
    I smiled at her, “I don’t know how I can refuse. I guess that shot really did make me the luckiest guy on earth,” I chuckled to myself as I let her put the ring on my finger. She put a collar in my hands and instructed me on putting it on her as the whole bar clapped and cheered for her. Maddie made out with me again before staring into my eyes with heart shaped pupils. Before I could say anything, she scooped me up in a reverse bridal carry.
    “Have fun you two~!” Jess called as the excited hellhound carried me out of the bar.

    “S-so now what?” I asked coyly as Maddie dumped me on her bed. I knew exactly what was to come.
    She ran her hands up and down my body with a big smile on her face, “We consummate our marriage. You’re mine tonight.”
    I nodded, “I would be upset if that wasn’t what you wanted to do.”
    The hellhound smirked, “You could at least pretend to be resistant to it.”
    “Make me,” I challenged.
    The fires in her eyes burned brightly, “Oh, you’re so gonna get it!” She pushed me down on the bed then began to kiss me, quickly forcing her tongue into my mouth. She started to dry hump me like a horny dog, getting us both hot and bothered as we started to grope one another. I touched her breasts and she grabbed my ass and rubbed my crotch with her own. She pulled her shirt off letting me take in the sight of the muscular body before removing her pants as well, “Touch it,” She growled as she forced my hands to her stomach. I ran my fingers over her washboard abs. They were hot to the touch and surprisingly soft. That is until she flexed, showing me how tough they really were. She grabbed the back of my head and forced me against her stomach. She was panting as I kissed her abs. I could feel them twitch in response as my stubble brushed against them. The hellhound ran her fingers through my hair before lifting me up and kissing me on the lips again. My hands moved to her biceps which she flexed instinctively, “You like that, huh, slim?” She smirked before forcing me to kiss both of her arms. I nodded before she shoved me down on the bed. My clothes were off next. Maddie stroked my already hard shaft before shoving herself down on it, taking me to the hilt forcefully. She howled and I moaned as we began the act of love making. My hands went to her hips but were immediately forced over my head as the hellhound began to mercilessly impale herself on me repeatedly. I started to struggle against her grip as the tremendous amount of pleasure was getting to be too much for me to bear. My moaning and shifting beneath her powerful body only excited her further as she forcibly used my body to please herself. I struggled to hold it in as her powerful thighs rocked my body. Every little twitch or throb of my member made her gasp or moan, “Come on, slim,” She challenged, “Give in to me.”
    I gasped, “Dammit.” 
She took me to the hilt again and rocked herself back and forth that pushed me over the edge. Maddie howled as I started to orgasm, shooting my cum in her womb, which in turn caused her to climax. Both of our bodies were shaking as she continued to slam her hips against mine. She came to a stop slowly as both of our climaxes faded. My body felt weak and my chest began to heave as I tried to recover a bit of my strength, “Done so soon?” Maddie snickered, “I’ve got you all night, slim, so don’t think I’m letting you off that easy,” She kissed me on the lips again before her hips began to rock, shaking the bed and my world as she fucked me to her heart's content.
    I once again wondered if I really was all that lucky after that shot...

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