Bathing in Our Love

	I grunted as I was forced face down into the thick blanket with a thicker mat underneath it. My attacker allowed my face to roll to the side before placing a big paw on my head, holding it in place as her sharp claws dug into my flesh. She put her head next to mine, her green glistening eyes staring into mine as she purred in pleasure. The marriage collar on her neck jingled as the little bell rattled around. Her big paw condescendingly ruffled my hair as her lips curled up into a grin, “Ready to give up, Anon?”
 I struggled against her grip, “No!” I hissed as I managed to get my hands out from behind me.
	The large cat’s hair atop her head was white with pointy dark brown ears sticking out the top of her head. They twitched with glee as I defiantly tried to get out from under her. Her large breasts and bulging muscles easily kept me still by just laying flat on me. I heard her purring in my ear before moving one of her hands to cover my face with soft, dark brown fur. The fur went up her arm to the elbow. It was colored like a gradient with it being dark brown at the fingertips and a creamy white color by the elbow. Her legs were similarly furred and colored, “Just give up, would you? I want my prize already!”	
	“I come home from my work trip and this is how you greet me!?” I cried out before my face was buried in the fluff on her hand. I stopped struggling as I felt something weird.
	“I was bored! You left me all alone and--”
	“Princess,” I said her nickname firmly after I pushed myself up. My large cat wife huffed but relented slightly. She didn’t get completely off of me, but I had a bit more space to move now. I stroked the fur on her hands, as I touched the calloused pink beans on her palm and fingers, her claws instinctively extended. I liked touching them, they were soft and cute but I didn’t dare tell Princess that, she’d get all flustered about that. I was more focused on her fur. I made a face as I felt a few patches of matted and knotted fur all over her hand, “When was the last time you cleaned yourself!?” I demanded with a cross expression as I rolled onto my back to face her.
	The ears atop her head flattened, she sat up, and her eyes began to look away from mine, “Last week…”
	I frowned, “You’ve been eating nothing but crackers, chips, and beer again, haven’t you?”
	“W-well,” Princes got up and blushed, “I did eat the pizza you left for me. In two days. You know I can’t cook.”
	“Yeah, but couldn’t you have at least talked to one of your friends for help? I’m sure you could have traded some of your beer for food,” I sighed, getting up off the floor. Princess folded her arms and put on a stoic face. She was wearing nothing but a sports bra and tight workout shorts with her hair done up in a messy bun to keep it out of the way, “Princess. I’m not upset at you, I just want you to take care of yourself.”
	“I can take care of myself! I’m fine!” She stood up quickly and instantly one of her legs buckled, making her go to the floor. I managed to catch her, letting her sink her claws into me for support.
	With a grunt, I forced her back onto the couch to sit down, “What happened to you?”
	“Got hit in the leg way too hard in a scrap,” She sheepishly and quietly explained as she rubbed the area. I couldn’t see the bruise due to it being underneath a thick layer of her fur. I finally got a close at her. She had a lot more cuts and scratches on her skin along with a few bruises. There was some dried red blood in her more light colored fur. I could only imagine how much was in her darker fur. How much was hers and how much was her rival’s? “Don’t give me that look,” She mumbled at me as I looked her over. 
	“You need a bath,” I said.
	Her fur stood on end and she bared her teeth at me, “No! I hate the bath!”
	“I hate it, Anon! I’ll lick myself clean like always.”
	“That’s week old blood. You’re gonna get a disease!” I scolded her harshly and grabbed her hand, “It’s bath time.”
	Princess looked at me, yanking her hand away quickly. Her lips curled up into a smug little smile as she folded her arms, “Make me.”
	“Okay,” I grabbed my wallet off the table and dug for something. Drawn onto a thick, poorly cut piece of cardstock, folded and hidden within my wallet was a sort of coupon that my wife had given me, “I’m using this,” I showed her the poorly written ‘FOR ANON. ONE DAY OF ME DOING WHATEVER YOU SAY. FROM PRINCESS.’
	“You’re supposed to use that to dom me, you dumbass!” She protested. She had quickly made and given it to me after accidentally hurting me during a particularly rough wrestling match.
	“Too bad. It’s bath time. Or is the big proud warrior cat afraid of a little water? Are you going to go back on this coupon?” I taunted, knowing her pride wouldn’t let her go back on this promise.
	She grit her teeth, “Fine. But this is gonna be a massive waste of time, I can wash myself with my tongue, wet cloth and a little bit of soap just fine!” I said nothing as I handed over the coupon, watching as Princess threw it down on the couch in a huff before slowly rising to her feet, “Let’s get this over with.”
	Princess shambled into the bathroom wrapped in her big, fluffy, pink bathrobe. Her face was flushed and her arms were crossed as she gave me an unhappy frown, “I can’t believe you’re wasting that dumb coupon on this,” She seethed quietly at me.
	I smirked, “Its not dumb to me at all, Princess. This is totally worth it.”
	“Totally? Huh? I hope it's worth it when I’ve got my legs wrapped around your head and your mouth stuck to my snatch!” She hissed. I knew she could and would do it if I wasn’t careful.
	“Come on, Princess,” I pleaded as I approached her and attempted to put my hands on her chin and neck. She batted one of my hands away and moved back from the other whilst giving me an upset look. I looked at her with sad eyes. I knew I wasn’t getting out of this unscathed now, “Just get in the bath.”
	With a grunt, she removed her bathrobes to reveal her muscular body. She was nearly a foot taller than me and incredibly strong. I knew I couldn’t beat her in a fight, but I still had a few ways of keeping her in check. With watchful eyes, Princess stared as I went to the drawer next to the sink and grabbed an unmarked bottle with a creamy blue substance in it, “What’s that?”
	“Special shampoo,” I explained simply, “The longer you put off getting in--”
	“I’m going! I’m going!” Without testing the water, the big cat woman stepped into the bath and winced at the temperature. Without much noise, she slid down into the tub and allowed herself to be covered by the steaming water. I removed my shirt next and picked up the unmarked bottle and gave it a quick shake, “So, you’ve had this planned, huh?”
	I shrugged, “Merely a just in case kind of thing, Princess.”
	I shook my head at her and got the soap lathered up in my hands. The thick fur on her hands and feet both stuck to her body as water dripped off of them. I worked on her hands first as I carefully massaged the special shampoo that an alchemist had made for me into her fur. At first her claws were out, ready to attack at any time as her tail flicked back and forth. I gave her a stern look which calmed her down temporarily but the flicking tail was back soon enough, “Dunk it in the water,” I ordered from where I knelt next to the big tub.
	Princess did as I commanded, dipping her hand slowly into the hot water. Her twitching ears stood straight up as she watched all of her shedding fur come right off, “Woah! What’s in that stuff?”
	I shrugged and smirked as I watched something inky and black come off of her, “Looks like the last of the dye is coming out. I still can’t believe you used to dye yourself pitch black.”
	“Shut up!” She cried, the embarrassment plain on her face. I chuckled and continued, taking her other hand and applying the soap like before. I could feel most of the smaller knots of hair unfurling as I ran my fingers through her fur. The dirty clumps all began to get cleaned out and her fur already started to smell good. Princess usually smelled fine due to her bathing and use of soap, but after this deep clean she was going to look and feel amazing.
	As the loose hair came off in the water, I moved onto her feet, “R-relax. I’ll go fast,” I said as I got a little nervous about having to touch her feet. She hated it when her feet got touched.
	“Just hurry up, alright?” There was less scorn in her voice than usual, but she still looked a bit peeved. 	
	I nodded as she lifted one foot out of the water. I saw the cut up, calloused, and forbidden foot beans surrounded by fur that was too long. She had some of the same on her hands as well. I cleared my throat and got to work, massaging the soap into her foot and calf fluff. She had her eyes closed when I glanced at her but she would make an agitated expression every time I poked somewhere sensitive, “Doing alright?” I asked, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear me.
	“Yeah,” She admitted, “You massage pretty well, Anon. It feels good.”
	“It's like a spa day, right?” I teased as I moved to the other foot. I finished washing it and watched her put it into the water as well. Princess was finally purring happily at me, “See? You can enjoy a bath!” I reached over and pet her head, making her purr a little louder, “I can’t believe you were so resistant to this, Princess.”
	“Eh,” A look of guilt flashed on her face, “Don’t worry about it.”
	“Huh? Why were you getting so mad about this? Is something wrong?”
	Her purring stopped as she turned to me. Her suddenly sad look shocked me so much that my petting completely stopped. She grabbed my wrist and forced my palm onto her cheek, “I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you, Anon,” She whined, “I can’t hold a job for more than three months, much less provide for you.”
	“Princess…” I trailed off as I brought my other hand to her face, gently petting her.
	“Like, look at every other monster girl we know! Good jobs, most of them can cook, and they’ve all got big houses for their families! And here we are, stuck in this little apartment. I can’t even get myself to fuck you when I go into heat, I’m so fucking scared of having kids,” I watched a few tears roll down her cheeks and over my hands, “I can’t even take care of myself when you’re not around. How the hell am I supposed to care for kids?” Princess put her face in her hands as she continued to softly cry.
	“We can wait a while longer,” I consoled her softly, “We’re young. There’s no need to rush this.”
	“And what makes me feel the worst,” She suddenly snarled, making me shrink away. Her anger dissipated rapidly, leaving behind an even sadder expression, “The worst part is how loving and kind you still are. Despite how awful I am. You give and give when all I do is take from you. I’m so goddamn dependant on you now, I can’t even function when you’re gone for a few days!” Rage flashed across her face as frustration caused her to splash the water with a closed fist, somewhat dousing me, “Why!? How can you keep loving me!?”
	I sighed and reached over to her, putting my hand on her head, gently stroking between her ears, “Because you try. You’ve been picking up jobs you know you’ll hate just to make sure we have enough money for when we hit some rough spots. I don’t care if you don’t have a job right now, you’ll find one. I like and appreciate how protective you are whenever you feel the need to. Princess, I know you, uh… were very proactive in our matrimony and I was resistant at first, but coming home from work every day and getting to cuddle with you makes everything worth it,” She was starting to cry again, “You’re a good girl, Princess, and I feel like I get just as much if not more than I put into you in our relationship. You show love and affection in funny ways but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I soothed her as I scratched her under the chin, her favorite spot, “We’ll make it work no matter what. I love you.”
	Princess could hardly hold the tears back now as she looked at me, “I want to be a better wife for you. I-I can change.”
	“You’re perfect how you are. I love the woman you are now with all my heart, despite your flaws,” I explained with a smile on my face. Princess grabbed my wrists, keeping my hands on her face and chin as she began to bawl, her blubbering cries hardly muffled as I continued scratching her chin, “Shh,” I cooed softly as her sharp claws dug into my skin.
	It took minutes, but Princess finally calmed down to just sniffling and hiccuping, “It finally feels like some of my self loathing is gone…”
	“Just tell me if you ever need another pep talk, Princess. I’ll make sure you leave with a smile on your face,” I gave her a big grin before vigorously scratching her neck fluff. It was the softest fur on her body, “Lemme finish with this shampoo, alright?”
	“Stop curling up into a ball like that!” I laughed as I went for a little plastic bucket. I scooped up some of the hot water and poured it over the sniffling cat girls neck, wetting it down before taking some shampoo in my hands and scrubbing the fur clean.
	“Am I… pretty?” Princess suddenly asked.
	“I wouldn’t call you Princess if I didn’t think you were gorgeous,” I praised her before scooping up more water and dumping it on her neck fluff, “Lean forward,” I ordered. She complied quickly. I got more water in my bucket and put one hand on her forehead to keep the water out of her eyes. She shuddered as I soaked her hair, but didn’t complain. The purring started again as I massaged the shampoo into her scalp. Next more water was dumped over her head, completely getting rid of the last of the black dye and loose fur, “Alright, let's wash your body and dry you off.”
	Princess pulled the plug and drained the bath of her fur and ink polluted water, “Get in.”
	“You look cute in those shorts. Don’t make me cut them off you,” She warned, brandishing her sharp claws as she gave me a needy look. 
	I chuckled as I turned on the shower head for the bath/shower combo, “Gimme a second,” I stripped down and stepped in, presenting my thin, nude form to my wife, “Happy?” She nodded and purred back, licking her lips as her eyes darted down to my crotch, “Later,” I promised. I lathered her body wash in my hands and started to spread it across her muscular form. She turned her back to me and let me rub her scar covered back. I put shampoo in her tail quickly then moved on to her arms. My hands felt her hard biceps, massaging them in gentle reverence as I lathered them up. I got her legs next, it was dangerous to put my hands so close to her strong thighs but I didn’t have a choice. She purred and flexed them as I worked. Her plump rear was easy enough to run the soap over. I stared at her chest and stomach, her shapely breasts and toned abs stared back as if tempting me, and I knew she meant to. My hands went for the breasts first, she let out a soft moan as I massaged their shapely forms and teased her nipples. I touched her abs next, feeling every bump and hard muscle in her skin, “How the hell do you stay so fit with all that beer you drink?”
She purred happily, “Riding you is a pretty good workout.”
I smirked, “Then how come I’m still scrawny?”
“Because,” She grabbed me and turned me around, my back was forced against her form, “I love how submissive you look. And this,” Her hand went to my crotch and gripped my hard member before she gave it a few gentle strokes, “Looks like it could breed me. That’s what I like about you. Other than how loving you are,” She licked the back of one of my ears with her rough, sandpaper-like tongue, “How about I clean you up, Anon?” She didn’t wait for a response. She put some of my soap on her hands and began to lather up my body. She was slow and sensual with her touching and groping as she felt around, making me squirm in her grasp. One arm held me against her while she purred in my ear and the other felt me up, “Maybe we can have some fun tonight?” She asked.
	I nodded, “I’d like that. But I still need to trim your fur.”
	She made a whining noise, “Alright…”

	After a long process of air drying and trimming up her fur, Princess stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, “How do I look?” She asked meekly.
	I ran my fingers through her now luxuriously soft and fluffy fur, “Like a billion dollars,” I chuckled, “One more thing,” I grabbed a tiny spray bottle and sprayed the sweet smelling perfume over her fur, “There. Done,” I smiled and proudly folded my arms as I looked at my handiwork. It turns out that watching hours of tutorials about grooming your monstrous partner really does help, “You’re all clean and pretty now.”
	With high speed and very little grace, Princess scooped me up into a tight bear hug before rubbing her face against mine. She purred loudly as she assaulted me with her kisses. Her grip changed so she was now easily carrying me, “Thanks, Anon,” She gave me a big smile as she carried me off to the bed. I was unceremoniously dumped onto the plush surface and my underwear was removed. The cat girl put a hand on my chest and started to climb on top of me when something suddenly clicked in her head, “You’re still in charge, Anon. You did use that coupon afterall,” She pointed out, “How do you wanna do this?”
	I thought for a few moments as I stroked her soft fur, “How about something different? Sit on the edge of the bed,” My wife did as instructed without a fight. I stood before her, caressing her legs and inner thighs as I tried to prepare myself. 
Princess grabbed my member and stroked gently. Her pussy was already leaking, “I’m ready,” She told me with a sly smile and a purr.
I nodded, still unsure if I was but my lust was quickly taking hold. I let her line me up to pierce her before cautiously pushing myself into her. She threw her head back and inhaled sharply as my member pushed past the opening of her pussy. One of her hands went to my lower back while the other clutched my head, forcing my face into her wondrous neck fluff. From the way she panted, I could tell she was wholly ready. I swallowed nervously and continued my soft thrusting. I could feel Princess’s powerful thighs quivering against my hips as I continued thrusting into her. My lust for my beautiful wife continued taking hold of my body as I shared in wonderful, passionate, and intimate intercourse with her. I was picking up speed, thrusting faster and faster. Pincess’s claws raked across my back as she moaned loudly. I grunted from the pleasure, not the pain as I kept going. I felt the cat girl shudder violently as she wrapped her legs around my hips. Her powerful legs held me still as she orgasmed, her pussy quivered and shook as she bit down on my shoulder. I gasped and was unable to hold back my own orgasm as her pussy did its best to milk me dry. With a loud, bellowing cry, I shot my load into her, my hips thrusting slightly as her long, powerful climax continued. My cumming didn’t stop until hers did. I felt spent, and Princess must have too since she collapsed backwards onto the bed.
	I climbed into the bed next to her and snuggled against her. Quickly she made herself the big spoon as she held me, purring loudly with joy as my face was forced into her neck again, “That was nice,” Was all she could muster as she panted.
	“Yeah,” I grunted back as I pet her.
	She purred and rolled me onto my back where she got on top of me, putting her face right in front of mine, “I love you, Anon. And I’m really lucky you love me back.”
	I smirked, “How could I not love someone so amazing?” 
	“Oh, shut up!” She groaned before putting her hand over my face, “But… thanks. Think we can bathe like that again some time?”
	“You just like the attention, huh?”
	“Again! Shut up!” She started to wrestle with me. I tried to fight back but she quickly had me pinned on my back, “Uh, oh! Looks like you’re still hard!” She grinned playfully as she grinded on me, “Better take care of that, huh?”
	Even as she started to have her way with me, I couldn’t help but love her.

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