Bogie Woman

Commission for Iphidiris! Thanks again!

	A couple sat on a bench in the park, the sun was shining, a nice, gentle breeze was blowing, and the birds were singing in the trees overhead. The man was a bit short with pasty white skin, a bit of chub on his body and dark brown hair. The man sat next to a woman with snow white hair, a clear, pale complexion, sharp canine ears on the top of her head, and a long white, flowing tail that flicked back and forth. The man seemed embarrassed as the monstrous woman hugged his arm and rested her head on his shoulder, “I hope this weather never ends,” She sighed dreamily as she watched the fluffy white clouds roll by overhead.
	“The cold weather is rolling in soon,” The man reminded her before a chilly breeze blew open his hoodie and the fox woman pulled herself closer to him for a bit of warmth. 
	“Oh! Then we can cuddle up by the fire on a cold night! What if we went to a cabin and got snowed in? That would be so wonderful!” The fox woman giggled before kissing her man on the cheek. 
	I sat on a nearby bench, scowling as I heard the ridiculous lovey dovey talk, “Have fun starving if you get snowed in,” I grunted quietly, “At least you’ll die together, right?” I chuckled at my own ‘joke.’
	The fox woman glanced at me with a frown on her face. Her human lover wrapped an arm around her and pulled her against him, “Just ignore him,” He whispered to her, “Even with monster girls, some people are still just sad and alone.”
	I glared, turning to him and trying to come up with some kind of snarky response, but the two had already gone right back to chattering with one another, paying me no mind, “We should go pick up some tofu for dinner tonight. I’ll fry some for you!” The fox girl gave her man a big grin.
	I checked my watch, the utilitarian tier black faced, simple watch did nothing but give me the time on its analogue face. I got up, taking the remnants of my lunch with me as I stomped out of the park. As I walked, a stiff breeze made me shiver and made goosebumps break out across my skin. I glanced at families playing catch, couples out on walks and groups of people having picnics. I grimaced, already in a horrid mood, but that feeling only worsened as I made my way back to the office. The clouds rolled in and now the sun was hidden behind their layers, casting the town in a grey, gloomy color. Even if I wished for it, the rain wouldn’t deter these people. I swear, they even enjoyed the rain and cold sometimes. The trek to my office from the local park was relatively short. The threat of rain clouds overhead were making me speed up, but the lack of any real traffic made it easy. Sure, I had to worry about centaurs pulling wagons or horse drawn carriages or the odd car and motorcycle, but the streets were pretty slow going, even in the heart of downtown. I passed a hot dog stand where some kind of pig woman tried to sell me a weenie with everything on it, “No thanks, not looking to knock a year or two off my life with one of those dubious things,” I scowled as I walked by. She said nothing and let me pass without another word, confusion crossing her face.
	As the light droplets of rain started to fall, I made it to my office building. I wondered how badly the weather was putting a damper on those park goers’ fun. I smirked a little as I shook out my coat and made my way to the elevator. I stopped in front of it, waiting to hop on with three others. A mouse girl and a man stood next to one another, whispering and giggling and another woman, a short woman with floppy dog ears, a dress shirt, slacks, and a slowly wagging tail. I watched the dog woman impatiently tap her weird fluffy, paw-like foot before pressing the elevator call button again, “Mashing it doesn’t do anything, you know,” I grunted.
	She turned back to me, her eyes open wide, “I didn’t know! Wow! Technology SUCKS!” She groaned loudly and started to pout, “When they told me technology could do just as much as magic, I didn’t realise they were lying,” I couldn’t even respond in a quippy way, she seemed completely honest. After a few more minutes of me suffering through listening to the lovey dovey couple swoon over one another, the elevator finally arrived. 
The lift stopped, dinging just before the door opened. As soon as it cracked open, a tide of blue goo came spilling out, “What the hell!?” I cried, watching as the people spilled out, stuck in the goo. I was too shocked to move or even try to help them, not that I would. The goo was all pulled into one clump before forming into multiple official looking women who all pulled out goo covered phones and… scooted away on a massive clump of slime. Everyone who had been in the elevator with the gooey women slowly got up, every piece of slime that had been on them had been yanked up when they left, “What a bunch of freaks,” I growled.
	“You never seen a slime girl before, mister?” The dog girl looked at me like I was an idiot.
	“I wish I hadn’t,” I grumbled before cautiously entering the elevator. 
	Myself, the dog woman, and the annoyingly lovey dovey couple all filed into the elevator and hit our stops. I stood against the wall, pretty much forced to watch as the couple gave one another a quick peck on the lips, “How cute,” The canine lady smiled.
	“Get a room you three,” I scowled. Every single one of them gave me a look, the couple were amused and kissed one another again and the dog girl just shook her head.
	The elevator dinged, the door slid open, and I stepped out, “I hope you cheer up soon!” The canine girl called. I turned around, unable to give her a retort as the doors had already slid closed.

	With a scowl, I made my way down the hall and into the business I worked in, ‘Little Bird News,’ a newspaper organization that had unfortunately been co opted by our new monster girl overlords. I kept my job as a major editor, thankfully, but the newspaper name had been changed to what it was now by the bird woman that was my new boss. I walked past the cubicles where the reporters slowly clicked away on their keyboards. Most of them were monster girls as well, “Heya, Anon,”  One of said monster girls greeted me. 
	She was a lithe woman with long half blonde hair with the other half being crimson, that red hair covered the left half of her face. Her ears were long and pointed, her skin was a pinkish hue. She was almost a human, if not for the angular horns on the top of her head. She was curvy and honestly quite pretty, but every monster girl was. She wore a thick, vibrant purple and red coat and slacks, with one half a crimson matching her hair and the other being khaki, “You’re looking, as always, like a clown, Calamity,” I groaned, hating to even have to utter her strange name and gaze upon her strangely entrancing vissage.
	The, assumedly, demon woman giggled, “You’re always just a ray of sunshine, huh? And thank you, I’m glad you think I look clown-like. Anyway, how was lunch?” 
	“You should have asked me to go with you! I’ve been learning how to juggle. I would have juggled puppies and children for you. That would have been fun, right?” She grinned, her red eye shining as she stared at me.
	Calamity was the only monster girl in the office that would go out of her way to interact with me. I didn’t know why, she was surely a strange one, “I don’t know. Maybe you’d have a bit more fun playing in traffic. Maybe I’d enjoy it at this point too.”
	“Oooh, dark humor. Edgy, I like it. But you gotta know your crowd in comedy, the people here need light, goofy humor,” Calamity explained, following me as I continued to my little slice of peace.
“What, are you moonlighting as a comedian? You certainly look funny enough to be,” I smirked.
The backhanded remark rolled off her like water on a duck, “That's the idea! You need to lighten up a little, Anon,” She tried to grip my upper arm and force me to stop. I yanked away, and whipped around, glaring at her. The strange woman just sighed, “Anon, I just want to help you.”
	“Whatever clown tier help you want to give me is better spent on someone else,” I hissed, the venom on my lips not affecting her at all.
	Calamity just shook her head and smiled sweetly, “I can’t think of anyone else that needs a laugh more than you. Anyways, have a good one, Anon.”
	I watched her leave and went into my little office and plopped down in my leather chair. I decompressed slowly, the anguish of dealing with so many people in such a short time quickly left. I turned on my computer monitor and started going through my emails. I, unfortunately, noticed one from one of the writers asking me to read some of their work, ‘Bring it here,’ I simply emailed back.
	Within moments, the small squirrel or rat-a-tat-tat or whatever she called herself had entered my office, “H-hi, Anon,” She mumbled nervously.
	“Ads,” She clarified and passed me the two sheets of test prints. 
I took a highlighter to it, pointing out small mistakes and marking where to abbreviate words. I stopped as I saw an ad that made me scowl, “Ugh,” I grumbled.
	“W-what is it?”
	“This… ad. Why the hell would you propose in a newspaper ad?” I pushed it aside.
	“I dunno, I think it's a really cute way to let everyone know that you’re getting married,” The squirrel girl smiled just thinking about it, “Very romantic.”
	“A good way to set yourself up to have your heart shattered,” I growled, quickly finishing up my work by noting which ads should be moved around.
	She cocked her head, “Anon, did something happen to you?” 
	I flashed her a look of warning, “Don’t ask. Please.”
	“B-But I just want to help you.”
	“I’m the one helping you and I’m done editing, so I’m done helping. Get out,” I hissed angrily as I shoved the papers toward her. With her big, fluffy tail drooping, she left the room slowly with the ads in her hands. I looked up as she left, seeing Calamity gazing at me from the far end of the office, acting like she had heard everything and shaking her head slightly. I got out of my seat and closed the blinds, shielding me from the rest of my co-workers. I sighed and tried to relax again, this time it failed me as I thought about her crimson eye. I shuddered and tried to ignore it, falling into the slow work grind.

	The day slowly crept by, the sun was getting close to setting, and the rain clouds had mostly left. I was eager to go home now, it was Friday and I wanted to enjoy my weekend. I unlocked the door to my office, letting my old computer shut itself down as I threw my coat on and started to make for the exit, “Anon,” The cold uttering of my voice made me stop. I turned around to see my boss, a crow tofu or whatever, the rat-a-tat-tat from earlier, and, unfortunately, Calamity. 
	“Yeah, boss?” I knew what was coming.
	“I had some concerns brought up to me, Anon. About you, of course,” The crow woman started.
	I glanced at the squirrel woman who hid behind our boss, “Go on.”
	“Well, your mood seems to be worsening. You’re good at what you do, so I don’t see myself letting you go. All of us here are just concerned that there's something going on that you need help with,” She explained.
	I sighed, but I could feel my anger boiling over and decided now was as good a time as any to make it known, “My personal life is none of anyone’s damn business!” I hollered, making sure the entire office could hear me, “I’m going home. Have a nice weekend.”
	I wasn’t impeded as I turned to go. Glancing back, I saw my boss talking to Calamity while the squirrel girl trembled next to them. I huffed, wishing monster girls weren’t so nosey. I made it to the elevator, all alone, and hit the button. I waited for a short time before the doors dinged and slid open. Standing before me, juggling four small, red balls was Calamity. She was surprisingly adept at it, not breaking eye contact with me as she juggled, “Heya, Anon,” She said with an impish grin. 
	I considered waiting for the next elevator, but I stepped in with the strange and entrancing woman, “Neat trick. Bending reality to get here before me and all.”
	She ignored me, “Ya know, a lot of the girls think you’re bad,” The doors slid closed but the elevator didn’t move.
	“I’m happy to be getting some kind of recognition.”
	Calamity stopped juggling, dropping her arms to her sides but the balls kept acting like they were being juggled, flying through the air as if being tossed by some unseen force. She stepped between them and got close to me. My heart pounded as I pressed myself against the elevator doors, trying to get away from the witch, “Bad boys get visited by The Bogie at night.”
	“I’m not some stupid kid, cut the bullshit.” I retorted defiantly.
	Her grin widened as she started to pull out a balloon. Without responding, she blew it up into a long, sausage shape, “Oh but you are. At least to the bogie. Just a little boy all hurt and alone. That’s just the kind of boys she likes,” She started to twist and shape the balloon, “But when those boys start acting up like spoiled brats, well…”
	“W-what happens to them? What does she do!?” I dared to ask, the lights overhead dimming and casting a long shadow across the demon’s grinning face.
	“Well, I’m sure you’ll find out soon. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, you know?” The balloon was tied into a humanoid shape and slowly waved it in front of my face.
	“S-stop trying to scare me with your stupid stories!” I shouted as the overhead lights went out.
	“She’ll see you soon~” She popped 
	“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, DAMMIT!” I screamed into the darkness.
	The doors dinged and I came tumbling out, falling flat on my back, staring up at the lights on the ceiling. I sat up and stared into the now brightly lit elevator. The balls and Calamity were both gone. I panted and slowly got to my feet. Sweat poured down my face and my heart pounded in my chest. With a shudder, I turned and left the building, glad I was headed home. But Calamity’s little show had unnerved me to the core.

	My quiet evening passed by slowly. I struggled to entertain myself as every time I turned on the TV it felt like a romance movie was playing. I was so sick of romance. Even when I dusted off my old video game collection I struggled to pay attention to anything I put on. Disgruntled, I tried to relax with a beer and a home made burger. I took some extra time to deep fry some fries in a tiny little oil fryer. I prepared my burger with ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, and cheese. I took a sip of beer and went back to the living room of my apartment. I dug through my DVD shelf and grabbed something to put on. After I sat back down on the couch I dug into my burger. It was delicious and juicy while the fries were wonderfully crunchy and salty. The DVD player booted up slowly and the TV showed me static, various colors were spat across the wide screen display like a collage of clown vomit.
	With a groan, I turned that off too. I sat in silence before finishing up my meal and downing the rest of my beer. With nothing left to do, I did the dishes and cleaned up my leftovers. I made a mental note to check the DVD player in the morning as I passed by the TV. My eyes glanced back to the coffee table where a little red ball now sat. Cautiously, I picked it up. The ball was rubbery and weirdly warm like someone was keeping it in their pocket. I squeezed it, nearly yelping as it honked. I put the ball down, my eyes darting around the quiet and dark room. The nervous sweating was starting to return, “Calamity must have slipped that into my pocket earlier,” I mumbled to myself, “Gonna get a restraining order against that damn witch,” I had no idea how I’d prove the elevator incident in court. At that moment I swore I heard faint laughter. Moving to the bedroom quickly, I shut and locked the door behind me. I felt just a bit safer confined to my bedroom.
	“Yeah,” I nodded to myself, trying to stay calm, “Just me… in here…” The darkness surrounding me felt more oppressive and terrifying than usual. The honking of that little ball was echoing in my mind. I jumped as I swore I heard another honk from the living room. I moved a chair to block the door before stripping down, putting on some shorts and climbing into bed. Despite it being strangely early, I found that sleep took me quickly.

	My eyes flew open as I heard the wretched clown noises, forcefully tearing me from the dream I was having. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, I could hear my heart pounding in my ears and feel it in my throat. I struggled to move, at first I thought I was just sluggish, but there was definitely something wrapped around my body. There was another honk before the blankets were yanked off of me and tossed aside. I peered into the darkness around me, trembling with fear, unable to see what loomed over me, “Who’s there!?” I shouted, struggling against the binds. I wasn’t tied to the bed, my arms were stuck at my side and my feet were lashed together. I managed to roll onto my back and stare up at the dark ceiling, “Answer me, dammit!” I hollered.
	“Swearing? Tsk tsk.” A feminine voice oozed with disappointment, “Such a naughty boy~” I heard her step closer, each step was light on the carpet and accompanied by the jingling of little bells.
	“What do you want!?”
	A light turned on, dim and yellow, casting just my bed in its glow as if I was floating in a black void on it. With dark shadows cast across it, a face came into view. One half was a pink skinned face sporting a wide grin and a bit of makeup and the other was covered by a dark crimson mask with a frown, “You, Anon,” She giggled before crawling across the bed. I struggled more, trying to get away from the woman as more of her came into the light. She grabbed one of my legs with a white gloved hand to keep me mostly still, her shirt was strangely poofy and covered in dark crimson and yellow lines, her hair was crimson and blonde, half and half. Angular horns jutted from the top of her head, the ends of which had little bells tied to them that jingled when she moved. Her large breasts were nearly completely bare for me and her plump legs were covered in tights that were colored crimson and purple. A clown.
	I peered at her as she inched further and further up my body, “...Calamity?” I asked. 
The clown froze for a second, the smile left her face for just a moment before returning, “Wow, Anon. I’m always impressed by how perceptive you are. You caught me, Calamity Molly Dimples at your service.”
	“Yeah, no one but you would dress like a freak. Now untie me,” I demanded, slowly calming down.
	With a widening grin, she squeezed my nose, making it honk, “Oh, my dear Anon. I don’t think you yet realise just what you’re dealing with.”
	“What are you, the Bogie woman?”
	“Ding ding ding! You’re right!”
	“Bullshit. You’re just trying to scare me.”
	“A little bit. But I’m mostly working on reforming you,” She explained, laying out on top of me with all her weight on her elbows, which were firmly planted on my chest to support her head, “But I can guarantee you. I’m totally real,” Calamity leaned in, her smile looking more devious, “Now. Anon. How are you today?”
	“Pretty shitty now that you’re here,” I hissed without even thinking.
	She grabbed my cheeks, “ERR! Wrong answer! We’re looking for something a bit, mmm, nicer! Let’s try again. How are you?”
	“Good boy!~” She pat my head, “Now, I’ve got some fun planned for us tonight.”
	“What the hell is it?” I growled.
	“Come on. You’re smart! I dressed up in my Sunday best just for you and tied you up and I’m just so HORNY for you!” She cackled.
	“You can’t be serious. For me? You want ME!?” I howled, “No one wants me!”
	She pulled herself up my body and began to straddle my chest. I could feel her hot, sticky love juice was leaking through her tights, “I just LOVE bad boys. Even better, I've always wanted to punish a bad boy, and here I have a bad boy with a dirty mouth that needs to be punished,” I could only watch her disrobe as a cold sweat started to run down my face. Calamity’s glistening, clean shaven pussy was presented to me, the lips of which were a hot pink and dripping. She ran her fingers through my hair before grabbing a big clump of it. I opened my mouth to protest but I only got a big mouthful of pussy. The love juices were forced into my mouth, the taste was funny, “C’mon, Anon! You gotta lick if you want out!” She laughed, rising up for a bit. 
I let the taste sit on my tongue as I tried to place it. My eyes widened as I figured it out, “Why does it taste like McDonald’s Sprite!?” I hollered.
	“What were you expecting? Cotton candy clussy?” I didn’t even have a chance to respond before her lower lips were put to mine. I hesitantly began to lap and lick her womanhood, gently tongueing the outside of it as my mouth was covered in lemon lime flavored liquid. I started gasping for air, realising that I had forgotten to breathe, but only got more pussy and ass in my face. Calamity let up, letting me cough and sputter as I got air, “If you swear again, I’ll put you right back down there~” I just frowned at the bogie as she wiped my face down. She gave me a peck on the cheek, “Oh! Anon!” Her hand went down my pants, her gloved fingers wrapping around my semi-erect member. She gave it a tight squeeze, a honk ringing out from somewhere, “Is this for me?”
	“I guess it is, you freak,” I growled.
	She squeezed the shaft, just a tad too tight and leaned in near my face, “Hm? What was that?”
	I struggled in her grip, unable to get away, “I-I mean, y-yeah. For you,” I replied halfheartedly.
	“Good boy,” She patted my head again. I felt strangely relaxed and somewhat happy as she gave me some positive reinforcement. My shorts were removed and my member flopped out. She started to gently tug on it, “Okay, next question. What’s my last name?”
	“How the hell am I supposed to know!?” I spat.
	Calamity took her other hand and ran the palm on the head of my cock in a circular motion, “Hm? I just told you!”
	I struggled against the binds as she stimulated the head in an almost torturous fashion. I couldn’t get away from the big woman no matter how hard I tried, “Giggles! Laughter! Dimples! Something like that!” I cried, making her let go.
	“I don’t care if you get it right, Anon,” She giggled as she gently stroked my cock, “I just want you to be nice about it.”
	“Why do you care if I’m nice!? Why can’t you just leave me alone!?”
	“Leave you alone? When I love you this much? I just can’t stay away from you!” Calamity laughed, stroking me harder. My body shuddered, I couldn’t respond to her, only moan as my orgasm neared. She stopped just as I felt the climax nearing, “I’ll let you cum when you’ve been a good boy~” She inched further down and positioned her mouth over my member. As if to present it to me, she opened her mouth wide and revealed a row of pointy teeth before going down on my member. She bobbed her head a few times then released me with a loud pop, “Now. Tell me about yourself,” My penis went back in her mouth and she bobbed her head slowly, giving me just a taste of the pleasure she was promising.
	“Does it matter?” I scowled. I felt her teeth. The sharp and pointy things were putting just enough pressure on my hard penis to make me sweat, “I mean, uh, I edit papers! Books, newspapers! Whatever!”
	Satisfied with my answer, Calamity started to noisily suck on my cock. It started to throb, I was nearing climax again just before she took me out of her mouth with a grin. She pulled down what little clothing was covering her breasts and let her massive tits flop out, holding them right over my member. She dangled them over me, gently swinging them back and forth, letting her nipples just barely touch my throbbing cock, “You look so eager~!”
	I felt my whole body ache from how horny I was, “Stop teasing me...” I pleaded.
	“Stop teasing you, what?”
	Calamity grabbed me and dragged me onto her lap. I was situated sideways with one of her tits right in my face. I opened my mouth to speak but got nothing but a mouthful of breast. It also tasted funny, a bit sweet but the taste was faint, kinda like Smarties, “You’re such a good boy,” She purred, stroking my head as I sucked - was FORCED to suck on her nipple. The other hand went to my painfully throbbing member and began to stroke it gently once more. I was already at the edge, I writhed at her simple, gentle touch, about to burst, “Cum for me, Anon. Cum for mommy,” She giggled. As she commanded, I burst, cumming the most I ever had. The bogie just laughed and giggled, still teasing my cock as she watched it throb, spurting more and more with every touch. Soon, I lay limp, panting as I tried to catch my breath, “You’re not a bad guy, right? You just needed some love. I’m gonna love you forever, Anon. What do you think about that?” I was rapidly cleaned up and Calamity put on new gloves.
	She released me from the massive mound of flesh and let me speak. I stared into her smiling face, the half of it I could see, “I can feel my heart pound, not in fear but with something else. I haven’t felt it since…” I trailed off, my lower lip trembling. 
	“I know. I know what that mean woman did to you,” 
	“It wasn’t just what she did,” I was pulled onto her lap, my head resting on her chest. The tears were welling up in my eyes, the combination of thinking back on the pain and the love and care I had so desperately craved was getting to be too much, “E-everyone looked at me differently after she left me out to dry at the altar. I-I loved her, I sacrificed so much for her. A-and that was what I got!?” I broke down, crying into Calamity’s chest as she gently untied me. 
Her hands caressed my head and rubbed my back, “Oh, my precious baby. My poor, young hubby…”
	“I don’t think I can love again… I didn’t think I could. Then you came into my life, all silly and cute…” I sobbed, clinging to her warmth, “I tried to push you and everyone else away… I didn’t want to feel that all over again.”
	She grinned, “I just wanted to see you smile. You have the CUTEST dimples!” She laughed as she held me tight, “If you let me, I’ll shower you in love for the rest of your life. I’ll be there for you to make you smile,” She set me down and leaned back on my pillows, rubbing her inner thighs, presenting me her still glistening pussy, “My heart and body are here for you. To keep you warm and please you-- as long as you’re a good boy for me~” I nodded and crawled to her, pressing my skin against her larger, warmer body. Calamity held my still stiff member in her gloved hand as she pressed her lips to mine. I willingly slid my member into her soft, tight pussy and let her tongue slip into my mouth as she lovingly and passionately made out with me. I thrusted gently, slowly taking in the pleasure and feeling as she held me tight. I pushed myself deeper and deeper into her, letting her pet and caress my body while whispering sweet words into my ear, “You’re just so precious~” She told me, cooing in my ear while kissing and nibbling it. I moaned and shivered as I continued my thrusting. Calamity moaned, “Oh, Anon. Cum in me…” She groaned, her strong legs wrapping around my hips and pulling me in deep. Her pussy clamped on my member and squeezed, forcing me to cum deep inside her, “Good boy, good boy,” She cooed as we both went through the throes of pleasure. They subsided slowly, leaving us both hot and sweaty as I used the bogie’s breasts like a big pillow, “How do you feel, sweetie?” She whispered.
	“I feel good,” I squeezed one of her breasts as I lay in them, making it honk. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
	“There’s that precious smile!” She grinned, grabbing my cheeks, “Now sleep, dear. We’ll joke around some more tomorrow…” I nodded and rested on her, letting sleep slowly take me.


	I tapped my foot slowly. I was in my office on a crisp Monday morning. The Monday after Calamity showered me in love and sex. She had quit the newspaper gig right after she had a night with me, she was only doing it to get close to me it seemed, “Anon?” The ratatoskr I worked with slowly and timidly entered my office.
	“Oh, hey,” I gave her a little smile, “Got the ad page for me?”
	“Yeah…” She gave me a weird, confused look, “Are you… okay?”
	“I’m fine. Lemme see it,” I chuckled as I took the papers from her. I ran my eyes down them casually making corrections as I went until I spotted an ad at the end, ‘REMEMBER TO SMILE, ANON!’ it read in big, bold letters with a smiley face next to it. I laughed, knowing there was only one person who could have done it.
	“Who are you and where’s the real Anon?” The squirrel girl stared at me with big eyes. 
	“Ask Calamity that question. You did good with these, here,” I handed the papers back.
	“Uh, thanks… Anon…” She smiled weakly before skittering out of my office.
	I sighed and leaned back in my chair, “You’re doing so well already,” Calamity was behind me, quickly placing her hands on my shoulders to massage them. She was in the full traditional bogie getup again. I glanced at the door, she had already locked it and closed the blinds. I put up no resistance as she gently moved me to the couch, “I think my good boy needs a treat~” She cooed as she kneeled in front of me, pulling her fat rack out. 
	I chuckled, “I’m happy to see you too.”
	“Of course you are! My hubby only grins like that when I’m around!” Calamity gave me a wide, toothy smile as she undid my pants, letting my erect member flop out, “Oh, already eager, hm?”
	“You’ve done some pavlovian dog crap to me. I hear your bells and I get a boner…”
	She laughed the hardest I had ever seen at that, “You’re so cute, Anon. Here,”  She took my member between her massive tits and started to stroke, honking quietly each time she brought them up and down, “Let me help you relax.”
	“Those honkers of yours are heavenly,” I threw my head back and sighed, resigning myself to a pleasure filled break at the hands of my lovely clown-- bogie wife.

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