Man Eating Monster

This was requested by an anonymous tipper! Thanks again!

	The rain poured down on a busy human town, a demon mana powered car scooted by a dark alleyway, eager to get to wherever it was going. A few more cars followed, splashing through the deep puddles and blowing the scattered trash around. Water poured out of a drain pipe and onto the concrete where it flowed like an urban stream down to an almost overflowing storm drain. The wind howled and loose trash can lids flapped and slammed shut. 
A man toyed with his butterfly knife, the steel reflecting glimmers of the nearby streetlights that dimly lit the alleyway he stood in, leaning against a wall in his thick winter coat. The spot he stood was under a balcony, keeping much of the water from getting on him. A lit cigarette hung from his lips, the old kind with tobacco, not the new age ‘good for you’ herbs that the monsters peddled. The tobacco industry was dead, the new overlords from ‘The Old World’ deemed it too harmful. What little cigs were left were home grown and self rolled. The man didn’t mind, he always rolled his own, but he still cursed the mamano regime for putting so many damn restrictions on everything. At least he still had liquor, even if the car he drove no longer worked due to their accursed magic. His stomach growled, he needed a bite to eat. His wallet was empty, he didn’t even have enough in his bank for a cheeseburger down at the fast food joint. Jobs had dried up, money was tight, and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to afford rent in the coming months, much less something to eat. 
	Just like everyone else, thieving was on the table. The survival of the fittest, it was him or them. Besides, this wasn’t his problem, the monster girls, as pretty as they were, were to blame for all this strife. The man perked up as he heard a loud splash at the far end of the alley. With a smirk, the man spat out his cigarette in a puddle, and hid in the shadows and waited for his prey. The victim approached, the anticipation was killing him. He stepped into the light, brandishing the knife as lightning struck, “Hand over the wallet and–”
	Another flash of lightning silhouetted the form before him. It was huge, seven feet at most, six and three quarters at least. Pointed ears at the top of the head and slowly swishing, thick tail were all he needed to see to know that he had crossed a monster. If she squealed, it was all over for him, threatening a monster with a real weapon was a pretty big crime for him. His mind raced, trying to find some way out of this. Without a second thought, he lunged, attempting to gut her with the knife. It all played out in slow motion for him, lightning behind him illuminated her face. She was grinning. Happy? Some twisted sadistic smile? The man quickly lost his nerve, especially after the monster grabbed his wrist with one big, fluffy, furry hand. She squeezed hard enough on his wrist to force the knife from his hand, it clattered to the ground with a metallic sound as the monster’s other hand grabbed the struggling man’s neck and chin, forcing his head towards her. 
	Another flash of lightning, wings spread wide for the man, if her goal was intimidation, it was working. Nothing he did worked as he tried to strike her arms, to pry her fingers loose, to give himself some form of escape, but nothing seemed to shake her. Her pearly whites shined even in the dim light, and they were sharp, “Yeah. You’ll do.”
	The man was forced to the ground in an instant and the monstrous woman straddled him, “Get offa me!” He hollered. She didn’t respond as she grabbed a burlap sack from her back and slipped it over his head, pulling it tight before moving onto his hands, keeping him from splashing around frantically in the rain water. Soon, the monster hoisted him over her shoulder, knocking him out with the sudden jolt and making him go limp.

	With a spinning head, the man awoke. He was staring up at the ceiling where a fan slowly spun with its lights off. He groaned and sat up, rubbing his face with one hand as the other was bound to something. He was on a couch with one hand cuffed to the foot of it. With a grunt, the man attempted to lift the couch but found it was nailed or screwed to the wooden floor. The man’s coat had been stripped off and laid on the coffee table before him along with all of his belongings, except for his cell phone and knife, those were missing, it seemed. A blanket had been laid across the man and propped his head up on a soft pillow, “Dammit,” He grunted as he rubbed his throbbing head again and then his sore and handcuffed wrist. He glanced around, the room he was in was a small living room of an apartment. The walls were a cream off white, there was a tiny, dusty TV across from him, a DVD player, and some kind of record player all on the same shelf. To his left was the front door with a multitude of locks, a big window with the blinds drawn, and a hallway that led deeper into the apartment. To his right was a little dining room with a small table and chairs, with a small kitchen next to it.  
	A shiver ran down his spine as he heard the sound of something scraping across the hardwood, like a set of clawed feet stomping across the floor. The stomping came slowly down the hallway, accompanied by a yawn. The man was soon face to face with his abductor, the monster leaned against the wall at the mouth of the hallway, wearing little more than a pair of panties and an overly large shirt. She was definitely a monster with a set of blonde fur covered limbs. Fur covered her arms up to the elbow and her legs up to the knees. Both her hands and feet were large and paw-like, ending with large claws on each digit. Before crossing them, she used one hand to brush some of her messy, short, blonde hair out of her face. A pair of blue eyes blinked slowly at the man and a set of sharp, pearly white teeth grinned. The man and monster stared at one another and the would-be thief quickly became more and more nervous and uncomfortable, which only seemed to increase the sick, twisted pleasure she got out of all this, “Morning, sunshine,” She chuckled at the man with a gravelly yet sultry voice as she puffed out her dark blue neck fluff to make it look larger.
	The man put on a confident voice, “What the hell are you?” He snarled, trying to yank on the handcuffs. As the man shifted uncomfortably, the woman’s pointy cat ears turned towards him and flicked.
	The woman chuckled, uncurled two wings of a dark blue and leathery material and spread wide to make her look bigger, then slowly sauntered over to the kitchen where she slowly filled up a kettle and put it on the stove, “You don’t know, huh? You did live in that human city, afterall. Did you like living there?”
	“Get to whatever point you’re making, woman. Do whatever the hell it is you’re going to do to me.”
	She purred as she sauntered over to him. A long, rubbery looking tail of a deep navy color that ended with a spiked bulb that was shut tight was swishing back and forth behind her. She leaned down, getting to face level with him, causing him to shrink away from her. She got closer and closer before her hand moved with lightning speed and grabbed his chin to force him to stare into her eyes again, “Listen well, boy. As handsome as you are, I am a manticore and I am going to eat you,” She stood and stepped away, heading to the kettle as it started to scream.
	The man shivered with fear, “E-eat me?”
	“Yup! That’s what manticores do,” She poured a cup of steaming hot water into a mug and placed a tea bag into it, “Coffee?” The man didn’t respond and just stared at her, sweating nervously, “I guess not,” She chuckled to herself, “You know. I’ve never eaten a man. Never found the right one. But you… you look delicious.”
	“H-how are you going to eat me?” The man demanded, tugging on the handcuffs again.
	“Hmm…” She pondered, whether she was just messing with him or not wasn’t obvious, “Maybe my tail, just swallow it up like that…” The tail bulb faced the man and opened wide. A thick gooey liquid dripped from the orifice’s opening with numerous tongues all rolling around idly in the cavity. It closed back up and moved behind the manticore, “She’s very shy,” She explained.
	“Y-your t-tail is… shy?”
	“She has a mind of her own,” The woman shrugged, “Now,” She sauntered to the couch and sat next to the man who desperately tried to get away from her. One of her arms wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him close, “What’s your name? I wanna get to know you better before we… get to it.”
	“P-please, let me go,” He whimpered on the verge of tears, “I-I’m sorry for trying to rob you, I just needed some money to afford food!”
	“Food? If you needed a meal you could have just asked!” She laughed, “We could have worked something out, a meal for you and a meal for me. Maybe we can still do that, hm?”
	The man whimpered, “W-why would I agree to that? You’re going to kill and eat me!”
	“Kill you!?” She laughed again, “You’re a funny guy, ya know that?” She dug her claws into him gently, “I’m not gonna kill you. Just gonna eat ya.”
	“I-I don’t understand.”
	“Do I have to spell it out? Maybe you just need a demonstration?” The manticore asked before grabbing a key from a chain around her neck and uncuffing the man. Her hands grabbed him and forced him onto her lap. He tried to wiggle free but her arms wrapped around him. He could feel the soft fur on her arms brush against his skin. She was purring loudly as she put her legs over his, interlocking them before using her much stronger legs to force his to spread open. The manticore’s mouth opened and pressed against her prey’s neck, kissing and licking with her rough, powerful tongue as the man struggled and writhed. Her tail snaked across the couch like a carnivorous animal ready to pounce, “Oh, looks like she’s hungry~”
	“W-what are you gonna do to me!?” The man demanded as the tail got right up against his crotch, “Why do you have to start there?” He whimpered.
	“But that’s the part I want to eat!” She giggled and purred as she continued to kiss and lick his neck, “I’ve heard it's the most delicious part of a man and I am so eager to find out!” The tail opened up, showing off its rows of tongues before slinking forward and pressing against the man’s pants. He struggled and writhed, unable to get out of the excited monster’s grip as the tail was placed firmly against him. The tongues rolled out, lapping at the pants and leaving their slick saliva behind. 
	“Just get it over with,” The man’s heart was pounding, the monster could feel it, his fear, his anxiety, and all his terror was delicious to her. That anticipation combined with her own lust were what set off monsters like her. She needed to feed, and he was looking just scrumptious. The tail worked on its own as it unbuttoned and unzipped his pants with surprising and trained dexterity. It dove in, opening up around the front of his underwear and teasing the member beneath. 
	The man was already a little hard from what is colloquially known as a ‘fear boner,’ which definitely excited the manticore even more. She was panting in his ear and breathing hot, steamy air down his neck, “I’m so excited!” She giggled and nibbled on his ear, “Just relax and let me do everything~”
“W-what?” He was getting harder as she held him tighter. The tail gripped the hem of the underwear and revealed the semi-hard dick that it so desperately desired. The tail bulb lunged forward, making the man yelp as he felt the hot, wet tongues that immediately started to lap at his member. The manticore grinned as he let out a quiet moan of pleasure. The tail closed around it, squeezing all the air out with a little squeak and forming an airtight seal around its food. 
	‘Sssh, relax,” The monster purred loudly as she slowly released the man’s arms and retracted the tail spines. His hands gripped the tail, curiously touching the rubber bulb as the numerous and small tongues lapped and worked up and down his member. It started to gently suck, making sure the penis it fondled got completely hard. 
	“What are you doing to me?” He panted, the pleasure starting to cloud his mind. He gripped the tail and held it in place, making the manticore purr with glee.
	“Are you enjoying it?” She asked as the man leaned forward. She gripped one of his shoulders and gently massaged it as she retrieved one of her spines and forced about half of it out, “Just a half dose for our first time,” She muttered before gently sticking it into his exposed thigh. Almost instantly, the man felt hot and sweaty, his mind was filled with nothing but lust and pleasure seeking. The tail, sensing his eagerness, started lapping more forcefully and sucking harder. Every little bit of sensitive skin on the man’s penis was getting licked, sucked, and played with by the manticore’s tail. The manticore hugged him again, holding him tight as he moaned and whined. She stroked his hair gently and sweetly as she bit her lip, feeling just as much pleasure as he did. She could feel him throb and pulse within her tail, he had to be getting close. She totally stopped the pleasure for both of them.
	“Wha- don’t just blue ball me like this!” He begged, trying to tug on the tail to get it to start. Its suctioned grip was too strong, preventing it from being removed.
	“You wanna cum, hm?”
	“Y-yes, please.”
	“I want you to promise me a few things first,” She cooed, still purring in his ear, “First, you’re going to be my husband. I don’t care if you wanna be my ‘good boy’ or if you want to be a brat that I have to fuck into submission every night. Second, stop smoking that crap, it’ll kill you and neither of us want that. Third… I want you to tell me that you love me,” She explained, feeling the pounding of his heart and the panting of his breath.
	“You monsters are so weird…” He groaned, “Fine. I’ll be your husband and quit smoking. Not like being with you could make my life any worse. And… I’ll tell you that I love you when you teach me how to love.”
	“We’ll learn together,” She purred, “But for now, how about you cum for me? Blow your load right in my tail pussy~!” She started to suck and lick the shaft again. The tail started to pump rapidly. The man cried out, feeling the pleasure wash over him before being forced to violently orgasm in the tail bulb. The wet sucking turned loud and lewd as it greedily lapped down every single drop of cum that came from him. The lapping and sucking didn't end as his orgasm did, the hungry manticore kept going as the man’s cries of pleasure continued, “You can be done once we’ve drained every. Last. Drop from you~” 
        He only whimpered in response.

	The two lay on the couch with the manticore being the big spoon and the man being the little one. The tail had released him, leaving his now soft penis covered in the remnants of the tail pussy juice dried on it. The manticore was still purring as she loosely hugged him. The man stretched and pulled his pants back up, covering his crotch before sitting up on the couch. He stared down at his new wife. She was admittedly gorgeous but there was an air of fear about her. But for now, she was just a sleeping kitten. A massive, ravenous kitten, but still, an adorable purring cat. He stroked the top of her head, her cat ears twitching as he grazed against them. 
	“Crazy woman,” He chuckled, “Maybe I’m crazy for falling for you now. Or maybe you put something else in that spine,” He wondered as he reached over and grabbed his pack of cigs. He lit one and rested it on his lips, blowing a puff of smoke and rubbing his face.
	“I told you to quit that,” The manticore huffed as she sat up next to him. She showed off her flexibility with her stretching before swiping the cig from her new husband’s lips.
	“I’ll quit tomorrow. Lemme finish this pack at least.”
	“No. You’re quitting now,” She put the cig out.
	The man grabbed another and put it on his lips, “Make me.”
	“Oh, you are SO getting it now!” She tackled him, both going to the ground and wrestling before she ended up on top of him with her breasts pressed against his face, “I’m going to be your new addiction,” Her tail flicked and stuck a spine into the man’s leg. He whimpered, exciting the manticore as she started to tear his clothes off, “I’m gonna break your hips!” She laughed, trying to instill some anxiety and fear in the man with little success. Unfortunately for her, he seemed to be enjoying her aggressiveness now.

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