Mandatory Cow Time

Another short I wrote for fun, this time for Breastmilk Gaming

	“I’m home,” The cow woman called as she ducked through the door frame and wiped her hoofed feet clean, “Honey?” She softly called into the dark, two bedroom apartment. With a frown and a flick of her cow tail, she stepped past the living room and checked the tiny kitchen. He wasn’t there either. With a slightly worried expression, she checked the bedroom to see if he was napping. He wasn’t there either. Lastly, she checked the second bedroom, a place that the couple had made their office. The tall cow woman had to duck as she made her way down the hallway as she was nearly eight feet tall if you counted her horns. With a sigh of relief she spotted her husband in the glow of his computer monitor. His head rested on his arms as he dozed off. His computer displayed a game on it, the cow woman couldn’t really tell what it was until she got closer. A knight knelt on the floor next to a cloaked woman who hugged him against her bosom, “Larry?” The cow gently shook her man awake.
	“Hm?” He woke up groggily and turned to her as she knelt beside him. It took him a few moments to recognize the unforgettablely huge breasts, the woman’s massive body, her wide, child bearing hips, and her loving, smiling face, “Hi, Angie.”
	“Have a nice nap?” She giggled before kissing him on the cheek and adjusting her blonde and black hair, “What are you playing? This looks a lot more pleasant than what you usually play.”
	“Oh, it’s just Elden Ring,” Larry grumbled, “This is unfortunately the most pleasent part of the game.”
	Angie frowned, recognizing his sad tone instantly, “Bad day at work?”
	“Yeah, boss yelled at me again.”
	The cow hugged him tightly, putting his head on her shoulder, “Oh, my poor honey. Maybe you should quit.”
	“I can’t,” He sighed, “We need the money to move into a bigger house for you.”
	Angie nearly had tears in her eyes, “I don’t want you to get hurt for my sake.”
	“I can take it. Especially for your sake,” The man put on the toughest look he could, “Getting to hug you every day makes it worth it.”
	Angie glanced at the screen he had fallen asleep to, “I have an idea. Come to our room in five minutes, okay?”
	“Alright,” Larry nodded and watched her go, her wide hips swaying as she walked. She stopped at the door and winked before leaving him alone.

	The five minutes passed agonizingly slow for Larry, but as soon as they were up he hurried to the bedroom. What could she be up to, he wondered. He hoped it wasn’t sex. Sex was scary and intimidating. He shuddered at the thought. Angie would force him to give her his children sooner or later, but until then the two were content with their gentle and slow relationship. 
	Larry grabbed the door handle for his bedroom and gently twisted it before pushing the door open. He saw his wonderful cow wife had wrapped two blankets around herself to make it look like she was wearing robes or a cloak. The blanket that covered the top of her head looked quite silly as it rested on her horns and went down over her eyes. Larry could only see the gentle, loving smile on her face as she turned to him, “Ah, brave sir knight,” She started, “You look very tired, and like you might need a hug. Come, rest your head on my bosom,” She ordered, pushing apart her ‘robes’ to reveal she had unbutton the top few buttons on her shirt to reveal the top of her breasts and just a smidge of her cow print bra. She held her arms out for Larry who didn’t have the heart to correct her on the quote she was going for. There wasn’t any way for her to know anyways. The man just nodded and walked to her, kneeling at the bedside and quickly realising that he could only put his head on her lap like this, not that either party minded. Angie caressed his scalp, running her hands through his hair as he exhaled and decompressed, “You work so hard,” She cooed, “You are a good boy and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.”
	“Thank you,” Larry felt like he could cry. Her warm and gentle touch was enough to melt his cold, aching heart every time he was in pain.
	“Come up on the bed, I want to hold you,” She instructed with a soft giggle. The man did as he was told, climbing onto the bed and kneeling next to her. He slowly lowered his head onto her, letting her guide it to where she wanted it. As expected, it was right on top of her breasts. He got a whiff of her perfume, it was a warm and creamy scent that always cleared his mind of any troubles. Angie put one hand on his back, holding him close as the other hand stroked his hair idly, “My bosom is always welcoming to you, sir knight,” She giggled, still in character.
	Larry did his best to hug her back, “I need more of this,” He whined, still holding his sadness back.
	“Okay. New rule. Mandatory cuddle time. Every day. As much as we can both stomach,” Her gentle and commanding voice made Larry nod in agreement, “Wonderful. Tell me when you’ve had enough.”
	“Do you need some milk too? I know how much you love it.”
	Larry took a moment to nod. Angie just smiled and pulled down her bra and let a nipple hang out, “Have as much as you want.”
	And Larry did, drinking full the creamy, warm and delicious liquid while his wife continued to stroke his hair and cuddle him until he had his fill. The two changed positions so Angie was laying on her back with Larry curled up atop her, both waiting for the other to tap out of their warm and loving cuddle session.

	It was almost midnight by the time the two decided they had had enough and needed to have dinner.

2 responses to “Mandatory Cow Time”

  1. How nice. Except…
    “What could she be up to, he wondered. He hoped it wasn’t sex. Sex was scary and intimidating. He shuddered at the thought”
    Haha what? Jesus.


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