Summoned Family

Commission for AnonymousWeeb556, this is an afterward for Summoned Affection. Thanks again for commissioning me!

	A wailing echoed through the twists and turns of the castle. The impossible geometry of the demon realm castle still echoed sound off its stoney walls. Purple banners hung on the inside and outside and long flags of the same color flew overhead. The area beyond the castle’s multi-colored moat was a carnival, its lights and sounds visible and audible for miles around, attracting visitors from all realms be it the demon realm, human world, fey wilds, undead lands and even the blackened void between. 
	Rather than being able to enjoy managing her personal theme park with her family, Sybel held an infant in her arms, gently rocking the plum covered baby as she cried and cried. Three other demon children stood around, watching their mom. The eldest at seven with bright lavender tones and black hair. The twins, four years old, both colored royal purple with silvery-blue hair. The last was the youngest, six months continued to wail. 
	“Where is he…” Sybel grunted with gritted teeth. A slate of smooth stone at her side with various runes on it glowed slightly. The trickster demon leaned over to it and pressed one a few times meaning ‘Home.’ The next she pressed was ‘Return.’ When each was pressed it glowed a deep purple for the duration of Sybel’s fingers made contact with them, “Shhhh, sweetie,” Sybel whispered to the crying child as she furiously tapped the ‘Now’ rune. The fluffy purple bath robes she wore was meant to keep her calm, but the stress of the child’s crying was too much.
	“Mom,” The eldest child frowned, “Where is dad?”
	Sybel grumbled under her breath in ancient, forgotten curses and swears, “I have no idea. I sent him to the store. He is intelligent and powerful enough to make it there and back. Abner, so help me, I will–”
Cutting through the sounds of a wailing baby, a wavering, droning noise rang out in the room as a violet portal tore through the wall and a man in a purple cloak stepped out holding many shopping bags on both arms. He set the groceries down and hurried to Sybel’s side, “S-Sybel,” He whimpered. 
	The demon blushed and carefully handed the baby over, “Say nothing more. You are here and that is what is important. She only calms down for you, Abner.”
	“Right,” He pulled the hood off and gently cradled the babe who was wrapped in a soft, mauve blanket, “Ssssh, sweetie. Papa is right here,” He cooed softly, gently rocking the child in his arms. 
	As the baby began to quiet down, Sybel was filled with jealousy, “How. How?! </i> How does my </i> flesh and blood not love to be cradled by me? She requires the clutching of another to feel a semblance of calm! Abner. What sort of conjuration are you employing?”
	Abner gave his wife a nervous smile, “I’m not using any magic. The only magic I use is to clean her when she… soils herself.”
	“Sissy likes papa better!” The twins cried in unison. 
	Sybel’s purple face turned red and tears formed in her eyes, “S-S-Sybel,” Abner stammered, “I-I’m sure she loves you. B-babies a-are just really fickle. Like cats. Remember that f-foster cat?”
	“The one that kept me up at night. I remember. The cat enjoyed the company of my children more,” She huffed before taking a moment to compose herself, “What took you so long to come home?”
	“W-well…” Abner looked at the bags he set down. His other three children were already digging through the bags looking for their favorite snacks, “Kids, take those to the kitchen, p-please.”
	“Okay, papa!” The twins said in unison, grabbing as many bags as the two could before furiously flapping their little wings on their backs and flying out of the room. The eldest grabbed some too and followed on swift feet.
	Abner sighed and handed the giggling baby back to his wife, “I was looking everywhere for your favorite ice cream. It’s getting harder and harder to find.”
	Sybel sighed and looked at her husband, “My apologies, dear husband. I was so stressed with my youngest crying,” She floated up and gave Abner a peck on the cheek, “Shall we go?”
	“Down to the fair, right?” He hurried to the closet and put on a lighter cloak.
	Sybel nodded as she snapped her fingers, summoning a baby carrier for her husband, “Of course. The children have been itching to go down. They have all been quite good.”
	“I’m glad to hear it,” He grunted as he put the harness on.
	Sybel loaded her baby into the harness and took her time making sure that she was strapped in snugly, “What to wear, what to wear,” Sybel mumbled to herself as she shed her fluffy purple robes and went to her deep walk-in closet. 
	“W-well,” Abner blushed as he put his baby’s pacifier in her mouth, “You haven’t worn that leotard in a while.”
	“The outfit you fell in love with?” She teased.
	“I feel in love with you. You just happened to be dressed really cutely,” The conjurer rolled his eyes as he began to prepare a simple teleportation spell as he drew runes of power across his tome of magical pages.
	“Hmph,” Sybel snapped her fingers. A magenta leotard and plum tights appeared on her body in a flash of purple fire, “How do I look?”
	“You f-fill it a lot more than you used to,” He teased.
	“What do you mean by that!?” The devil’s voice boomed like thunder, “Am I FAT!?”
	Abner shrunk away from her, “N-no, yo-you’re a lot c-curvier than you were wh-when I met you!” 
	Sybel quickly calmed down, “Ah. Well, I will take that as a compliment. I appreciate you not calling me thick.”
	“Mom’s mad! Mom’s mad!” The twins hollered as they hurried into the room. The eldest was right behind them.
	“Cease, children,” The devil ordered, “Abner, sweetie. Can you please transport us down?”
	“Of course,” He replied, quickly finishing up his portal spell summoning a swirling, massive purple void. His daughters went through first with Sybel floating after them, putting a stuffed backpack into her husband’s hands before kissing him on the cheek and floating through. Abner sighed and followed.

	“Mom! Mom! Can we go on the roller coaster!?” The twins shouted excitedly in unison. They stood in front of a small, mauve-colored coaster with a short line.
	Sybel and each of her kids had a purple balloon that said ‘SYBEL’S MAGIC WONDERLAND’ in big bold letters. Abner had a bag of soft pretzels with a slushie in his other hand. Sybel had filled up on caramel apples and onion rings. She feared she would vomit if she went on it, “Well… Abner? Can you go?”
	The conjurer’s face already looked green despite how tame the roller coaster was, “Maybe we should do something gentler?”
	“Aww!” All three kids whined.
	“We will come back later. I need time for my food to settle,” She grumbled. With a quick look around as she rose into the air, she tried to find something to do. The scrambled eggs and tea cups spun too much which would make her sick. They had already gone through the game stalls and won a few toys that had been teleported back to the castle along with the rowboats on the lake. A few rides towered over the park, mostly rollercoasters and rough thrill rides that still made the minute devil sick to her stomach. One stood out, covered in purple lights near the edge of the park was the ferris wheel, “Let us ride the ferris wheel,” Sybel declared as she waved for her family to follow, “That should be nice and quiet.”
	The kids obediently followed with Abner bringing up the rear. The twins clung to either of his hands so as to not get lost while the eldest followed close behind her mother. As they passed workers, each one greeted Sybel with a smile. Whether it was genuine or not was lost on Abner. 
	The family of six got in the short line for the ferris wheel and was shortly loaded into a closed car. The car was raised up and up as the children excitedly stared out the window as they chattered with one another, pointing out their favorite rides and their home castle. Anbner sighed, slowly decompressing as he watched his children grin excitedly.
	Sybel slid up next to him, “That is what makes it all worth it. All that work and exhausting nights, just to see them smile.”
	Abner nodded, “It does. I love to see them happy. Whether it be snacks I buy or when we play together.”
	“They adore such simple joys. I bet you wish I was so easy to please,” Sybel chuckled.
	With the shaking of his head, Abner smiled, “You’re perfect just how you are. Strange habits and all.”
	“It is not MY fault I was locked away for ten thousand years!” Syble cackled, “This is where we kissed for the first time,” She noted as the ferris wheel crested the top, “I want to say this where I fell in love with you, when I kissed you to make you stutter and stammer. My heart was already aflutter at the thought of you a few days before.”
	There was a sigh that came from Abner’s lips as he adjusted the baby harness, “I’m sure I fell for you around the same time.”
	“Say it,” Sybel giggled as she stood and touched her husband’s face, “I want to hear those three words come out of your mouth.”
	She touched his cheeks, caressing them gently, “I love you,” He whispered.
	“And I love you oh so much,” Sybel replied with a grin before kissing him on the lips. She sat back down and motioned for the man working the ferris wheel to give them another spin on it, “Should we try for another?” She asked as she watched her children oogle the fair again.
	“A fifth baby?” Abner was surprised he didn’t feel overwhelmed at all, “I do want a boy…”
	“A boy? I will look into the correct sigils to make that happen,” The devil smirked as she wrapped an arm around her husband’s, “I wish to take another spin or two. I need my recuperating cuddle time.”
	“Of course. Take all the time you need,” The conjurer replied as he leaned back and closed his eyes as he tried to rest as well.

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