Master Gator

Commission for Anon! (I know she’s a crocodile. No I won’t change the title.)

	The fluorescents overhead buzzed as they shed cold light across the cubicles and posters on the walls. Little cats hanging from branches with the text “Hang in there,” people climbing cliffs, big trees, and a desert. A long, green crocodile tail slapped gently against the short and gray carpet over the floor as the owner stared at the sandy desert.
	“Journey? Measure the accomplishment by the obstacles to reach your goals?” The crocodile woman scoffed. She folded her rough, green, and scaled arms and shook her head. She brushed some of her chin length hime cut black hair over the back of her ear before brushing some crumbs off her security uniform, “Good enough,” She muttered to herself in a gruff voice. Her yellow eyes glanced around the near empty office. Empty cubicles beyond empty cubicles were all she could see in this back area. Towards the front of this upper office area was where most of the people who had come in were. There were a few early morning pencil pushers, mostly human and anubian. The souls of the dead, those that could be arsed to get up early at least, were already lining up and starting to crowd the front desk who was checking them in.
	As they started to get restless and crowd the desk, the single sphinx working the desk started to panic as she stared at the formless, ghostly figures. The crocodile woman huffed and stomped over, “Get in line! Get in line!” She prodded them with her ankh topped staff and gripped the golden khopesh on her hip. As the ghosts let out ghastly whines, she just prodded them harder, “Wait your turn!” She barked. Eventually, she got them back into a single file line. She leered at each restless spirit, intimidating them into staying in line.
	“Thanks, Dalila,” The sphinx at the counter mewled as she adjusted her secretary glasses and straightened out her button up shirt before getting back to work. Dalila nodded slowly, looking a little dejected, “I mean– Officer Grant.”
	Dalila… She scoffed as she stepped away to do more rounds around the office. Even if she hated the gentle connotation of her name, it was still her name after all. The elevators down to the lower office dinged as they came to the ground floor and were packed full of spirits before making the long descent down to the lower offices. It was the underworld, but the big wigs liked to sugar coat it for everyone involved.
	Officer Grant wandered through the near empty cubicle space. Sterile white walls, gray cubicle walls, dark computer monitors, and nothing but the sounds of fans that had been left on came to the crocodile woman’s ears. One of her hands twirled a big flashlight around idly as she looked over the tops of the cubicle walls. Her mind wandered, as it always did. She was hungry, like always. Her hunger was always strange, a mix of lust and actual desire for something to eat. She had had a fill of both that morning with her toast and eggs, her wonderful boyfriend was eager to help her with the hunger she always seemed to feel. Even then, she wanted more.
	The gargling of her radio brought her out of a new daydream, “Come in Officer Grant, come in Officer Grant. Over,” The voice said. 
	“Good morning, Rease,” The croc woman replied into her radio, “Took your time coming in, huh?”
	“Hey!” Rease’s voice turned high pitched and whiny, “I had to tend to my hubby! And my kid needed to helped with preparing for school… Over.”
	With a chuckle, Officer Grant pressed the button on her own radio, “I get it, I get it. Are the guests being orderly in the front?”
	“Yeah. God, I hate the term ‘guests,’” The voice on the other side of the radio groaned, “I’ll watch the front. Everything else look fine? Over?”
	“No contraband. Like usual. Not like we’ve had anyone stealing money from the damned since…” She shook her head, “Nothing. I’ll head back to the front as well. I’ll take the under offices today.”
	“You never said over. Over.”
	“Whatever. Over,” Officer Grant rolled her gator eyes. She returned to the front of the office and looked around again. The spirits were in an orderly line and the morning crew was slowly filing in through the entrance and exit to the real world. Inside the unnaturally bright lit office, Officer Grant always felt like she was in a dream-like state. More of a nightmare than a dream, but she really just felt uneasy. Her stomping across the front drew attention like it always did. It did wonders to keep the spirits in line, even if they did look a little restless again. 
	From the other side of the lobby, another guard dressed in navy blue entered from the security room. She was a skeletal woman with a gold headdress adorned with feathers. Her eyes glowed a dull purple and her limbs were covered with mummy wrappings. She waved a skeletal talon at Officer Grant. It was Rease and she quickly approached the waiting crocodile, “Good morning,” She greeted her superior in both rank and size. She was an ushtabi, an undead golem made for war by the pharaohs. Now, they were used for security unlike the lesser undeads like the mummies.
	“Morning,” Officer Grant stretched her arms above her head, “Anything on the cameras and sensors?”
	The bird skeleton shook her head, “Cameras look normal. The spectral detector– I mean, the agitation gauge, looks mostly normal. Nothing outside of protocol.”
	Dalila never really understood the science behind it, but that gauge that they had many names for always gave an accurate reading as to the state of the spirits as a whole. Cameras gave an infrared view of the office that showed any rogue spirits attempting to skip their deliberation, “Good. They were a little agitated earlier, but you should be able to keep them in line.”
	The skeletal woman nodded, “You got it, chief,” She pat the twin kopesh at her hips, “Got everything I need here.”
	“Just don’t go too crazy. You know management gets pissy when too many souls get destroyed. You really should carry a staff for prodding,” Officer Grant sighed.
	“Hey, I get results!” Rease protested and folded her boney arms.  
“You do so management allows it,” Officer Grant sighed but had to nod in agreement. She didn’t have it in her to explain how she had covered for her undead subordinate repeatedly, “Just don’t make me look bad. I’m headed down.”
“Have fun in the underworld, chief,” She teased as she gave Grant a little wave.
“Don’t let them hear you say that!” Dalila berated as she got in line for one of the elevators. Rease grinned and stepped away, taking her turn doing rounds. 

Along with a pack of anubises, Officer Grant made her way to the underworld. The fifteen or so minute elevator ride gave her time to think. She leaned against the wall of the big elevator and reached into her fanny pack. To try and sate some of her hunger, she pulled out a little strawberry candy. Crunchy outside and full of delicious jam. It did little to fill her hungering belly. Soon, she would get to go on lunch at least. A ham and cheese sandwich, some chips, a can of soda, maybe another surprise snack or two… she was eagerly looking forward to her boyfriend's lovingly prepared meal.
 Ah, her boyfriend. Peter, a sweet, loving man when she needed it but able to wrestle when she wanted. Cute too. Dalila found herself daydreaming again. She thought about herself laying out on a greek styled purple and gold lounge seat dressed in a toga. Maybe she would have those makeup eye wings like the pharaohs wore– not that she could bring herself to do makeup in the morning when she was sweating all day at work. But she wouldn’t mind imagining herself in it, lounging about while Peter attends to her hand and foot. Maybe feeding her grapes from the vine and massaging her always sore legs… 	
Officer Grant shook as the elevator dinged at the bottom. She sucked on the candy as she followed the mass of eight AM workers out of the lift. Their underworld office was very similar to the upper offices. There was another front desk where a trio of sphinxes who spent way too long getting dolled up for the souls of the dead sat and pointed them to the offices they had been assigned to. Far past the front desk, down a very long hallway was a set of double doors leading the souls into the fields of the afterlife. It was where the souls that had passed deliberation went. The others, well they seemed to just vanish after their unworthy heart was sent down a tube. Sometimes they seemed to cry out in pain, stifled by the silence as they faded away. Officer Grant had never had the courage to ask about it, but she always assumed the worst as to their fate. For now, her rounds took her around the offices that lined the walls. It always felt like they were expanding as more and more people became deliberators. More and more souls were processed, and that somehow made the company money. Or were they some kind of non profit? Office Grant couldn’t care any less about the specifics, it wasn’t her job, afterall. 
	Her heavy footfalls made a clacking noise as her clawed feet stomped across the decorative tiled floors. A few of the night shift mamano and men gave her little waves as they passed, eager to get on the next elevator out and go home for the day. The crocodilian woman was eager to go home too, but she had just a bit longer to go. As she did her rounds, her mind began to wander once more and the thoughts of her boyfriend came to mind and along with it came the hunger again and wandering thoughts again. Even though the overhead lights were on and shining their cold light across the office, Officer Grant still pointed her flashlight where she was looking. With her energy beginning to wane, she made the rounds through the cubicles as the morning crew settled into their work quarters. Even though she tried to avoid the area, the crocodilian woman made a pass by the head offices where the big wigs worked. She politely nodded at a few of them that made their ways to their offices. They offered her polite hellos and good mornings but Officer Grant only stopped when she spotted one of them fiddling with their office door. With the throwing back of the woman’s head in an anguished form, Officer Grant knew something was wrong. A sigh left her crocodilian’s lips before she gathered the courage to approach the pharaoh, “Ma’am?” Officer Grant carefully crept up behind her, “Everything alright?”
The pharaoh turned, the scowl on her face turning into a sweet smile as she gazed at the security guard. She quickly fixed her hair and adjusted her glasses, “I was just about to send someone to fetch you!” She chuckled, “But you always seem to arrive when trouble is brewing. I seem to have misplaced my key… You carry a big ring of keys, yes?”
Officer Grant nodded, “Of course. Gimmie a moment… Rease? How are things up top?” She said into her radio.
	“Uh…” Rease’s voice came through with a lot of static, as was usual between the two floors of the office, “Paul said the spirit… anger gauge or whatever went up a bit, but… it's still within reasonable parameters. Just barely. Over.”
“Nothing weird on cameras!” Paul said into his radio, just as full of static and distortion, “I’ll keep looking. Over.” 
	The pharaoh frowned, “So much anxiety in them today. I heard you had to push them back in line twice this morning!” She adjusted her glasses again, “What could be going on?”
	Officer Grant huffed, “Could be on purpose. I think that happened once or twice when I was new. Hmmm,” She grabbed her radio again, “Keep your eyes open, guys. Make sure nothing weird is going on,” She paused, “Over.”
	“Roger,” Paul replied, “Over.”
	Grant went back to her current task. Her clawed fingers grabbed her key ring, each little metal unlocking tool jingled in a chorus like an out of tune wind chime, “Are those unmarked?” The pharaoh asked as she adjusted her thick coat. There was a hint of agitation in her voice.
	“I’ll find it…” She examined each key and tried a few in the lock, “The bosses should have gotten me a skeleton key like I asked. Too expensive, I guess,” She grumbled. 
	“Well, it's a nice break at least,” The boss sighed with a little smile, “How’s the husband? I can’t remember, Miss Grant, do you have kids yet?”
	Officer Grant paused for just a moment, “Ah… Well he’s not my husband yet. We’d like kids, but we have not yet moved into that part of a relationship, you know? Kinda stuck in that living together boyfriend and girlfriend phase.”
	“Ah, a complicated phase,” The pharaoh chuckled, “I remember it well. A fun but awkward and dare I say… horny time. The tension must be crazy.”
	The crocodile’s stomach rumbled, “We… We take care of one another as needed. But,” She frowned, “I’d like to move forward. I love him a lot, but I’m a little nervous.”
	“Well, why not just go for it?” The old pharaoh advised, “Just go for it. I’m sure he feels the same. Most monster girls do, but I understand being a little apprehensive. Maybe sweeten him up a little?”
	“Sweeten…” The crocodilian woman subtly licked her lips as her stomach growled, “Yeah. I think I could do that. I should–” She was almost startled as the next key made the lock click open. 
“There we go!” The pharaoh sighed with relief, “Thank you so much.”
	“And thank you for chatting,” Officer Grant nodded, “See you around,” She stepped away, her claws scraping against the tiled flooring again, “Come in, Rease,” She barked into her radio, “Come in.”
	“You didn’t say over,” The guard teased, “Over.”
	“Your employment is gonna be over if you keep this up, over,” She hissed, the hunger turning into a bit of anger.
	“Okay, okay, sheesh… What is going on, Officer Grant?”
	She cleared her throat and regained composure, “I’m going on lunch in fifteen minutes. Nearly done with my first round down here.”
	“Over,” The crocodilian guard quickly added.
	Rease sighed audibly into the radio, “Roger, boss. We’ll keep an eye up here and send Horus down when she arrives. Over and out.”

	Dalila Grant’s belly rumbled once more as she took a seat in the corner of the office. It was a little communal meeting area that mostly got used as a lunch table. There were some ‘fun’ multi-colored bean bag chairs in the corner that just collected dust and a TV that silently played that “My Fifteen Foot Tall Wife” show. Officer Grant stared at the subtitles as the fifteen foot tall kaiju woman struggled to spend time in an RV while the two were camping together. The camera crew made it even harder for her, it seemed, “Why are there so many silly shows like this?” She groaned, “Who watches this?”  
	With the shaking of her head, she turned back to her lunch box. She eyed the sandwich she was ever so hungry for and grabbed the can of soda. She took her time deciding what order she would consume everything before slowly popping open the little plastic case her sandwich was in. She wiped her hands clean with a little alcohol wipe, but before she could grab the sure to be delicious sandwich, her radio buzzed, “Dalila– I mean, Grant? Are you there? Come in Officer Grant!” 
	It was Paul, “She’s on lunch, what is it?” Rease grunted.
	“T-the agitation gauge is climbing pretty fast! I think there’s something in the elevator! This spirit snuck past the front desk. Is Horus down there?” Peter asked.
	“I’ll be on the next elevator down. Shit…” The woman growled, “Could be some kind of spell caster’s spirit. That’s what it was last time, right? Over.”
	Hastily, Officer Grant put her food away, “Yeah it was. I’m heading over there now. Keep me updated on the perp, Pauly. Get down here ASAP, Horus. Over!” She grabbed her staff and ran over to the lobby. Just as she expected, the spirits had started to crowd the front desk and the poor sphinxes up front struggled to get them in line, “HEY!” Officer Grant shouted, shaking the lost souls as they all cowered before her. With her staff, she shoved them back from the front desk, “Get in line!” She ordered as the sphinxes cowered behind her. One of the spirits, restless and angry, swung out at her. Without another thought, the crocodilian woman slashed the spirit with her khopesh. The gold weapon slashed through the spirit, destroying the specter as it was cleaved in twain and faded away. The other spirits froze as they saw one of their own sent to oblivion, “Anyone else!?” Officer Grant bellowed. The spirits, now deterred, tried to form a two wide line. 
	“Thanks, Officer Grant,” One of the sphinxes sighed with relief.
	“We’re not out of the woods yet,” The crocodilian woman turned to the elevators at the far side of the room as they dinged. The door slid open and a torrent of shapeless, blue gray spirits spilled out of the doors. The agitation was obvious in how they were hunched over, “Dammit,” Grant hissed. With her staff in one hand and the sword in the other she started to shove the horde back. 
“Grant! There! In the back!” Paul came in over the radio, “The taller one! Looks kinda like a person and not a blob! Over!”
“We need guards by the elevator after this!” Horus growled, “Beat his ass, Grant!”
“Right,” The crocodilian woman didn’t bother trying to press the button on her radio as she swung her staff. Numerous spirits were down for the count. Not dead. Yet at least. Another swing knocked more down. From the cubicles came numerous pencil pushers to balk at the fight. A spirit grabbed Officer Grant’s arm only to get obliterated by her sword. Another sword slash and then a third made the spirits calm down and cower, “IN LINE!” She bellowed and most complied. Only one rushed forward, the more human like one. It looked like a man with a long beard in a cloak– a wizard most likely, just like they had feared. The wizard ghost slung a few spells, bits of lightning streaked towards the crocodilian woman who easily batted them aside with her sword. The wizard looked a little nervous, but knew he had to make it to the door to get out of whatever poor delegation he knew he was going to get. 
	Officer Grant grit her sharp teeth and rushed forward as the wizard charged another spell. With so many workers around, she needed to stop him now before someone got hurt. It was her job, after all. The crocodilian security guard pushed her hungry body to go into a sprint, the staff was tossed aside as she hurried forward with her sword in hand. There was a lot of yelling as the spectral sorcerer’s face twisted into that of fear. The wizard tried to let off his spell early only for it to fizzle and sputter into a shower of sparks. Officer Grant was closing in fast and the wizard, panic in his desperate eyes, made a hand motion, only for the crocodilian woman to grab him by the head in her massive, clawed and scaled hand and throw him into the ground. She ended the conflict in a single swing as she still sensed the danger, bringing her sword down onto the wizard’s spectral form, tearing him from the mortal and corporeal realm forever.
It took Dalila a few moments to get over her battle frenzy and to hear the polite clapping of the office around her. Her face turned red with embarrassment.
“A wonderful job as always, Officer Grant!” Dressed in a black suit with a knee length skirt was the pharaoh, well, a pharaoh but she was the big wig of this non profit. She wore a set of librarian style glasses on her tanned, smiling face. She approached on high heels and grabbed the crocodilian woman’s hand and shook it firmly. 
“Uh,” Officer Grant blinked as she tried to put her khopesh away, “Just another day on the job.”
“Well, we thank you for doing such a great job,” She chuckled, “Such rogue spirits need to be dealt with with a swift hand. And yours are quite deft.”
“Yeah,” Officer Grant saw the other guards happy for her, but the anubian and sphinx office workers seemed a little peeved to see the security guard get such rare praise, “Well, I should–” Her stomach growled loudly and painfully, “Agh, had to miss lunch.”
“Head home, Officer Grant,” The pharaoh ordered, “You’ve done more than your share today.”
“Thanks,” Grant was out in an hour or two anyways, “See you tomorrow,” She grunted as she made for the elevator. She was eager to see her man. She was sweaty, horny, and hungry now. With a quick text, she told her man she was headed home early, knowing he was working from home like usual. After a long, boring elevator ride, she hurried to her old, beat up pickup truck and sped home.

	Dalila Grant undid the buttons on her navy blue button up as she climbed the stairs. The warm mid-day air felt good on her tanned and scaled skin. The sun was high in the sky, kids that were home from school were playing at the apartment complex’s playground. It was lunch time and she hoped her husband wasn’t too busy for her. Pulling the keyring from her pocket, she quickly unlocked the door and threw it open. In the main room of her apartment, she could smell meat cooking on the stove. The gator’s stomach rumbled as she quickly kicked her boots off and tossed her bag aside. Past the couch and TV in the living room, she hurried around the corner into the kitchen. On the stove was a pan with sizzling meat. A few patties were being prepared, “Oh my god, I love you so much Peter,” Dalila was practically drooling already.
“Please don’t eat them right off the pan,” A man sighed, “Welcome home, Dalila,” Peter teased as he wrapped his arms around her hips. 
“Thank you for making these,” Her tail was slapping the wooden floor of their kitchen as she excitedly sniffed the food, “I’ve been so hungry all day!”
“You’re always hungry,” Her husband reminded her, “Was work okay?”
	“Eh,” She sighed as she pushed his hands off her and turned around to him, picking him up in her arms. The crocodile’s tongue rolled out of her mouth as she licked his lips before pressing her plump lips to his, giving him a big loving kiss as a promise for later, “Think we can… You know…”
	“The thing? I’m not fucking your cheeseburger again!” Peter said with a big grin.
	Dalila’s face turned red, “That was one time! I had to know!” She cried, “And it wasn’t a burger!”
	“Really? It wasn’t?” He teased again.
	“Oh, you’re getting it now!” The crocodile roared as she brought her boyfriend to the floor. The two wrestled, grabbing and groping at one another as the crocodile instinctively rolled with him across the shag carpet. Their mouths would lock, their tongues doing battle as they held one another close. Dalila was close to tearing both of their clothes off, but a timer on the stove dinged. 
	Peter put a hand over his lizard-like lover’s mouth, “Just a sec,” With a roll of her eyes, she let him go, but not before making him yelp with a smack to his ass from her tail.
	Dalila watched him flip the three burgers and do the same for the fries in the oven. The crocodile woman slipped her slacks off, loving the feeling of her bare skin in the cool air of their apartment. Next, her wet, red striped panties came off before slipping her button up off. She was left in a bra that struggled to completely conceal her large, caramel brown breasts as she pulled them down a bit, allowing the top of her nipples to peek out as a little bit of eye candy for her boyfriend.  She started to touch herself as the eagerness came over her, “Come over here, lover boy!” She barked as she licked her lips. 
	Peter’s eyes lit up as he gazed upon her nude form. From the cupboard he grabbed a small bottle and hurried to her. The lizard woman grinned with a mouth full of sharp teeth as she pushed him onto his knees. She ruffled his hair as she poured a golden yellow, thick liquid from the bottle on her pussy. Honey. A sweet and sticky treat as her lover was pulled in, his mouth forced against her lower lips. The woman’s legs wrapped around his head as her head was thrown back with a moan. Peter was skilled from repeated oral sex giving. He loved it, eagerly licking and kissing the lips of her pussy, his tongue slightly dipping in to tease, “Come on, on with it,” Dalila ordered, unable to admit how much she needed to decompress and how much help she needed. She played with her lover’s hair as he got to eating her out, pressing his face close to her, lapping up honey and her love juices with haste. Dalila’s claws scraped across his scalp as she groaned in pleasure. 
	Peter could only taste the honey as his tongue dug deep, making his otherwise in control girlfriend writhe and groan at just his lapping. As usual, he went for the sweet spot. The most sensitive spot, at first a lucky find, now a loving display of skill. He tickled it with the tip, making the crocodile almost yowl in pleasure. She squeezed his head with her powerful thighs and pulled his head in with her hand, the claws of which gently dug into his head. He slipped his arms under her legs, holding on to her thighs as he went for the kill, lapping rapidly at her most sensitive bits. 
	With a snarling, quivering howl, Dalila’s body shivered and shook with the powerful orgasm. Peter felt his head being squeezed tight and the claws scraping against his scalp. He continued to lick and kiss until the woman stopped shaking. She panted heavily and released her boyfriend, his face covered in the honey now. He went to clean himself off in the kitchen, only stopped by Dalila’s powerful hand gripping his wrist and pulling him in. She kissed him on the cheek before using her long, rough tongue to lap up the honey and giving him a long kiss on the lips, “You’ll get yours after dinner.”
	“Can’t wait,” Peter smiled, “Food should be ready in… five.”
	“Long enough,” She decided as she went to clean herself up and put some pants on.

	Beer washed down the last of their savory and salty meal just as it had washed down the intensely sweet honey. One arm wrapped around her husband’s shoulders as the crocodile woman pulled him close. His hair was messy and his face was covered in kisses after Dalila had cleaned him up a little bit. The two cuddled, both eager to take their pants off and start mashing love spots together. Dalila struggled to figure out how to make this a bit more romantic. She wasn’t very romantic, never had been, “Hey,” She cleared her throat, “You’re a real swell guy…”
	“Yeah?” Peter chuckled, “What’s on your mind? You’re really loving today.”
	She rolled her eyes and scoffed, “I just– I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Maybe we’re ready for… what comes next.”
	“Marriage? Kids? I already feel married to you,” He joked.
	“I mean it!” She growled, “I need to make sure I keep you around. I can’t imagine life without you at this point.”
	Peter nodded, “I get it. I accept, Dalila. I’m more than willing to spend the rest of my life with–”
	Peter’s lungs had the air squeezed out as Dalila hugged him tightly, “I love you,” She scooped him up, holding him on one of her shoulders before dragging him off to the bedroom. The bed was messy as always. Blankets were strewn about with the decorative pillows every bed had thrown aside. The man was deposited onto the bed. Before he could move, he was beset upon by the ravenous crocodile. She straddled him, griping one of his arms and holding it up. With her other hand, she grabbed two bands of mummy wrappings and tied one to each of his hands. 
“How long have those been down there?” He looked a little nervous as he tugged on his binds.
“Long enough. I’ve been waiting for this!” She grinned a toothy, sharp toothed, ear to ear smile. She ran a hand up and down his crotch, making him writhe at her less than gentle touch. As a last minute addition, she tied another length of cloth over the man’s eyes. She undid the buttons on his jeans and grabbed the hem of it. Suddenly, she stopped, “Oh, I need some desert,” She got up and hurried out of the room.
“Dalila? Dalila!” Peter cried, still strapped to the bed. 
The crocodile’s tail slid back and forth across the wooden floor as she pulled the freezer open. She happily hummed, still warm from the sex and cheeseburgers. Now it was time for something cold. Vanilla ice cream would do the trick, she decided as she put a few scoops into a bowl. As she stomped back into the bedroom, Peter laid on his back, waiting for her, “So?” He pouted. 
	“Be quiet,” Dalila ordered in her commanding work voice, “Say aaaah.”
	“Aaaah…” Peter opened his mouth and felt his lover put a cold spoon on his tongue  which he gladly closed his lips around. She slid the spoon out, allowing him to taste the sweet and cold ice cream, “Vanilla?”
	“Oh, yeah. And you’re supposed to be quiet, boy,” He shut up, waiting as the crocodile pulled his jeans off, leaving him in his underwear. Next she pulled his button up aside, revealing his exposed chest. She licked her lips, scooping up a bit of ice cream and carefully dumping it on his chest. Peter jumped in surprise, but could do nothing as the woman licked his chest, savoring his body and the sweet treat. She did it again, this time on a sensitive nipple. It made him shiver, but the warmth of the woman’s mouth and lips was a quick relief. Next was another scoop of ice cream on his stomach that was slowly lapped up. 
	Peter was panting, already excited and writhing at every little touch. Dalila’s claws playfully grazed his sides and the inside of his thighs. He was still quiet beyond his gasps and whimpers, letting his lover take full control. To build some suspense, Dalila slowly gripped the hem of his underwear and pulled it down. Now exposed to the cold of the room, Peter’s pecker throbbed in excitement. Dalila grinned, slowly dripping some ice cream onto the tip of his penis. It made him whine from the cold and she was all too happy to relieve his pain. She slid her lips over the head of the penis, kissing it and flicking her tongue on the slit before sliding all the way down, being sure to suck up all the ice cream.
	Peter was throbbing in her mouth, but she wasn’t ready to be done with her teasing. More ice cream, more slow sucking, then another scoop, over and over. Peter was whining and groaning as the crocodile ate her delicious desert off his body. She kissed, teased, groped, and scratched, nibbling on his thighs and squeezing the man’s balls. She would have purred if she could. Dalila crawled up her now husband and breathed heavily in his ear, “Beg,” She commanded.
	“Please,” He gasped, “Give me relief from this teasing, Dalila! Please!”
	“As you wish. Give it to me,” She ordered as she slinked back down to the floor. She wrapped her thumb and index around the base of the shaft as her mouth went over the tip. She licked as she slowly bobbed her head and twisted her hand. She gripped his balls, fondling them gently as she teased his load out. She could taste the remnants of vanilla on her tongue. He was pulsing, writhing and trembling at her very touch. She slid her mouth off the shaft with a pop and started to stroke harder, “Come on. I’m hungry </i> dear,” She put her mouth back over the tip and bobbed her head rapidly and stroked his shaft. 
	Peter cried out, gasping as he shot his load into Dalila’s mouth. His penis kept throbbing and she kept sucking and stroking until he stopped, falling limp as he panted heavily. Dalila took a moment to taste the hot, salty load before swallowing it down. She licked her lips and set the bowl aside, “Another,” She ordered as she removed her own pants.
	“Huh?” Peter, stuck in the binds, could do nothing but whine as his wife straddled him, her hot and dripping pussy rubbing against his member. He groaned again, powerless as Dalila pulled his member up and pierced herself on it. She started to ride him, already very eager to orgasm. There was a wet and lewd plapping as their thighs hit together. The crocodile was drooling as she hungered for another hot load from her husband, she slammed herself down, over and over again as she snarled and groaned. Her husband moaned quietly and writhed under her as she eagerly tried to drain him. 
	Dalila grinned as she caressed his face and chest, “Come on. Give me what I want, lover boy!” She hollered. Peter couldn’t respond, he could only feel the overwhelming pleasure of the crocodile woman’s pussy and hear the loud creaking and groaning of the bed. His hips popped, his back cracked, and with a shout he blew his load once more. A load of precious baby batter shot into Dalila’s womb, making her orgasm as well, her pussy gripping and draining the man’s balls. Dalila felt so warm as she let her husband’s member go. The two laid together as the crocodile cut the wraps loose. Peter didn't even have a moment to take a breath before his head was forced between the lizard ladies fat breasts. 
	She sighed loudly and played with his hair as he struggled against her powerful grip, “You’re a great husband. And you’re going to be a good dad too.”
	“Mmmph! Dad!?” Peter was shocked as he came up for air.
	“Of course! A stay at home contractor and dad too!” She grinned, “Can’t wait for all our little crocodile babies! We’ll have to move out soon. Four rooms? Five? You need an office, right? How about–”
	“Dalila,” Peter touched her face gently, “One thing at a time. PLEASE,” He begged as he leaned into her warm body, “Let me rest tonight.”
	“Fine. Fine,” She huffed and hugged him tight, “Rest well in my arms. In the morning, maybe another snack.”
	Peter nodded. Another early end to the day for them both after long nights working, and he was definitely satisfied with that. Although he had been shocked, a little bit of him was excited to be a dad.

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